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Oct 23 / Dollar Sophia

Referral Program: Earn $50!

Good afternoon Wellness Warriors,

2014 Enrollment appointments are FILLING FAST on Pipeline’s Training, Seminars and Workshops. Please log in now to make your appointment, as they fill up fast! Please note: the 2014 HRA is not available. We are working to open this as soon as possible.We’re excited to announce that you’ll earn $75 for enrolling in the 2014 program!

 NEW UPDATE: Refer co-workers/friends and get up to $50 + 2013 Tee Shirt!

Refer 1 friend: $10

Refer another friend: Additional $20

Refer third friend: Additional $20 + Tee Shirt

That means if you refer three new employees to join the 2014 program, we’ll give you $50 plus a tee shirt! Send us an email letting us know who you referred and we’ll put cash in your paycheck! Click here for more details…

2014 Enrollment Dates and Locations
(All Locations 8 a.m.- Noon)

October 29 – Student Center Hilberry A
October 31- Margherio Family Conference Center (School of Medicine)
November 1- Undergraduate Library Community Room
November 5- Margherio Family Conference Center (School of Medicine)
November 7- Student Center Building Hilberry A/B
November 8- Faculty/Administration Building Room 1339
November 12- Undergraduate Library Community Room
November 14- Scott Hall Room 2238 (School of Medicine)
November 15- Academic/Administration Building Room 3700
November 19- Academic/Administration Building Room 3700
November 21- Faculty/Administration Building Room 2339
November 22- Academic/Administration Building Room 3700

For more information:

Question? Contact a Wellness Champion!

Wellness Warriors
5700 Cass Ave, Ste 3638 A/AB

Oct 11 / Dollar Sophia

WOW! Great opportunities…

We’re partnering with some great groups on campus: here we’ll list two upcoming events we’d like to highlight

1) First we’re partnering with WSU PD for: Domestic Violence Awareness Event

October 21, Noon-1pm in Student Center Ballroom (2nd Floor)

This program is designed to educate and bring awareness to domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. It is important that everyone on campus be informed on this topic. We will define these acts and inform participants about the law as it relates to them. Some of the key factors we will discuss are risk awareness, risk prevention, risk reduction, risk avoidance and the cycle of violence. We will provide resources and discuss participants questions.

2) Our second highlight is our newfound partnership with the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences: First Annual Community Apple Days

October 30, 12-5pm at EACPHS (259 Mack Ave.)

We’re excited to announce our support for the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences first annual Community Apple Days: A Health, Wellness, and Career Fair! The Wellness Warriors Program invites all benefits-eligible WSU employees to this event on October 30 at Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Science, 259 Mack Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201 from 12-5p!

Please RSVP at this link: RSVP for Community Apple Days

And lastly…we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our upcoming 30 day challenge!

NutriSum will be a 30 day individual challenge running 11/1 thru 11/30. Participants will track exercise, eating breakfast, vegetable intake, water, etc online. Points will be earned along the way! Prizes and recognition given to top point getters! Challenge yourself for 30 days and implement new healthy habits!

Registration on Pipeline’s Training, Seminars and Workshops ENDS October 28 at 5PM!

Visit for more information. We will be in touch with all registrants after registration closes on October 28! Open to the first 300 registrants!

–To your health,


Sep 25 / Dollar Sophia

Greatest Loser FALL Session!

New to Wellness Warriors? New to Greatest Loser? Greatest Loser is a 6-week exercise program intended to help you get back into exercising and shed a few pounds. Please know that results will vary, but the most successful participants are those who attend all sessions!

Some Quick Highlights:

  • 3 workouts a week with a personal trainer at the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center for 6 weeks!
  • You’ll be on a team with other like-minded Wellness Warriors,
  • You can choose the morning, noon or night team, but you cannot switch teams once the program starts,
  • Although weight loss is our goal, attending the team workouts and keeping track of your exercise earns points,
  • The top three point-getters win a personal training session and the winning team wins an additional team workout!

The average personal training session costs somewhere between $20-$60 (we’re just estimating), so 18 sessions would cost around $360-$1,080…We’re offering you 18 free workouts…FREE!

Greatest Loser Logo

Registration ENDS October 4! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

The Greatest Loser Program has been a platform for many weight loss success stories. It’s simple: you join one of three teams (7:00a, noon or 5:30p) and attend team workouts at Mort Harris RFC every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 6 weeks. This program is just the starting point for your exercise and weight loss journey…

To Join:

Questions? Email us at

Sep 3 / Dollar Sophia

We’re here for you!

It’s never been easier to connect with us! We’re now on social media ((applause))…

Follow us, Like us, Pin with us…scratching your head and wondering what we’re talking about?

facebook logoOn Facebook you can “like” us to keep in the loop! We’ll post pictures, health tips, current events, chat with you, etc.

twitter logo

On Twitter you can “follow” us for short and up-to-the-minute tweets.

pinterest logoOn Pinterest you can “follow” us and see our “pins”. Think virtual pin board.

Hint Hint: we’ll post contests, event info, health info and more!

See you on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Jul 22 / Dollar Sophia

We’re on Facebook!

Happy Monday Wellness Warriors!

We’re excited to say we’ve jumped on the band wagon and we’re now on Facebook! We think this is a step in the right direction for many reasons. On Facebook, you’re able to quickly connect with us and other Wellness Warriors, see photos from our events, learn about upcoming events, read helpful health information we post, and connect with us from your cell phone (oh the marvels of modern technology).

And of course, we can’t go without holding a contest…


Be the 100th Wellness Warrior to “like” us on Facebook and be entered into a raffle to win 1,000 bonus Wellness Bucks!

Go check it out now, and don’t forget to like us!

What other social media tools do you use? Comment below and let us know!

Jun 4 / Dollar Sophia

Tee Shirt Design Contest

It’s back! Our second annual Tee Shirt Design Contest!

We want YOU to create our 2013 tee shirt design! (Contest Website click here)

tee shirt design contest page 1

Instructions: Put on your artist hat and get creative. Your design must include the Wellness Warriors logo and ONE of the WSU logos provided below. Download this template (right click and save) and open in Microsoft Paint or another similar program. You can even hand draw your design! We’re flexible – we just want to see what you’d like to wear! Email your submission to by NOON on June 20. Of course, the winning design will win a prize!

We’ll vote for the final design at the Summer Health Extravaganza on June 26th,
Student Center, Hilberry A/B/C from 10-2pm! 

Here is the PDF template if you need it!tee shirt design contest page 2

 Designs must include this logo (right click and save if needed):small higher_degree_wellness

And ONE of these logos (right click and save if needed):wordmark(bk)


Be sure to include what color fabric we should use in your email submission!

Past Designs Include:

Black Tee Shirt with wording on back, upper left chest “W” logo on front

2011 tee shirt2010-2011
Black Tee Shirt with definition of “Wellness Warriors” on front, large Wellness Warriors logo on back

2012 tee2012
Dark Green Tee Shirt with Wellness Warriors logo on left chest, gold W on right sleeve, wellness wording on back

2013 Tee Shirt Design Contest Website

May 28 / Dollar Sophia

Have you started your wellness journey?

We have a lot going on here at Wayne State’s employee wellness program! This time of year is great to get involved, since the campus has died down and the weather is pretty much perfect….

  • The Greatest Loser Program is in full swing; 148 employees joined this 6 week exercise education program! Each team meets for an hour workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and weighs in weekly!

Here are the results so far…

Green Team has 689 Points and their Top Performer last week was Linda Carter

Black Team has 1191 Points and their Top Performer last week was Greg Kisk

Gold Team has 1214 Points and their Top Performer last week was Kellie Lauder

Points are earned by 1) Losing Weight, 2) Attending workouts and 3) turning in workout logs. We’ll offer another round of Greatest Loser in the fall, so don’t miss out!

Get your Free Fitness Assessment - a quick and easy assessment of where you are physically

Healthy Eats Project – a 4-week series that teaches you tips and tricks to eating healthier, join at 12p or 12:30p in June, July or August

4-Part Blood Pressure Series – taught by an exercise physiologist, pharmacist and nutritionist! You can’t miss this!

Mid Year Incentive Deadline – complete 2 Wellness Coaching sessions and attend 2 Wellness Warriors events for $75!

  • Online Events are available via Accelerate!  Complete as many online events as you’d like, but remember only one can counted towards earning incentives. To complete an online event: Log into Pipeline>Click Employee Tab>Click Accelerate>Click Catalog (left menu)>Click Wellness Warriors
  • Do you want to share your story? We’ll be starting a new series on our monthly newsletter called ‘Success!’. If you’d like to be featured, please write in 100 words or less your story- and don’t forget to send us a picture of yourself (optional).


May 16 / Dollar Sophia

Free Fitness Assessment


Today we want to remind you about your free Fitness Assessment.

A Fitness Assessment is an individualized appraisal of your current health/fitness level. It is wise to know where you stand physically before starting any physical activity routine with a personal trainer or otherwise. It is about 20 minutes and includes:

• resting blood pressure
• height/weight
• body composition (body fat %)
• cardio respiratory endurance (aerobic fitness)
• upper body strength
• abdominal strength
• trunk flexibility

We highly recommend getting your free Fitness Assessment. This tool is helpful to plan your next steps to working out safely.

Fill out this form to make an appointment for your Fitness Assessment!

Have questions about a Fitness Assessment? Call or stop by the rec center today!

5210 Gullen Mall
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 577-2348
Fax (313) 577-5843

Wellness Warriors receive many free services after enrolling. Enrolled participants are free to take part in our Wellness Warrior events, the Wellness Bucks Program, and the following free services, based on risk level, offered by WSU’s very own Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center, the University Pharmacy and Ulliance:

  • Wellness Coaching
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Personal Training
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • 50% Off MHRFC Membership

Are you a full time Wayne State University Employee? Not enrolled? Click here!

May 6 / Dollar Sophia

Over 120 Pounds Lost…

We like to share successes. Today’s guest writer is here to share his story. We especially like Kameron because he’s opening up and being honest with himself (and us!). 100% of these words are his, we simply copy and pasted. Meet Kameron, brother to Wayne State employee and Wellness Warrior participant, Troy Eller. Kameron’s story is amazing…

My name is Kameron, I am a 20-year-old male, and a year ago today I weighed 297 pounds. As of this writing, I weigh 174 pounds…

Comparison Photo

When I was six years old I broke my arm from a simple fall; I weighed 140 pounds. After that experience falling became a constant threat. I could never participate with the other kids in play for fear of another incident, and a second broken bone when I was ten only rationalized this fear further. Being heavy throughout my childhood was constantly on my mind, but I was lucky. I was never viciously bullied and I quickly gained a sense of humor to help deflect what did come my way. But I also developed a tendency to avoid situations entirely because of my weight. I never had a real childhood filled with play and carelessness, I didn’t play sports even though I loved them and still do, and I didn’t go to prom – all because I was overweight.

The genesis of my weight loss goes all the way back to my junior year of high school. I was having a rough time mentally and emotionally, and instead of falling into the trap of self-medication or descending deeper into dysfunction, I referred myself (through my parents) to a therapist. The discussions that took place are largely irrelevant, but the prevalent train of thought on why I found myself in such a rut was my weight problem. After talking to the therapist for a few weeks they decided to send me across the hall to the psychiatrist in order to get me on some medication to help level me out. She prescribed me some, but the emphasis was always on my weight (as it should have been) and she insisted that I diet and told me the medication should help me to lose weight as well. She asked me to weigh myself on a scale she had in the room, and I obliged. I cannot remember what the exact number was, but it is safe to say it informed me that I was around 280 pounds. I was to see her about once every two weeks, which meant weighing in just as often. I cannot remember the exact numbers but I do remember how she would sit in her chair and wait for me to report my weight to her. Each time I saw her I weighed more, and each time I saw her I lied about what the scale was saying. Eventually I hit a point at which I knew I needed to make a change: 308 pounds. I resolved to never weigh 300, or over 300, pounds again. It was time to get serious about weight loss.

After that I quit lying about my weight and started shedding pounds, but I was far from well. I went on a diet which, reflecting back on it now, was more dangerous than my being obese. I started starving myself. My typical day was to not eat breakfast, go to school and not eat lunch, come home and take a nap to stop myself from eating, and then have a small, portioned dinner. I am not here to condone this behavior; far from it. I lost around 40 pounds doing this, stopped seeing my therapist, and put it all back on. It was a slow process, but on May 4, 2012 (one year and 2 days ago to be exact) I weighed in after not having done so in quite a while and saw 297. My borderline anorexic behavior hadn’t worked – it never does – and if it had I may not even be alive today. I stuck to my resolution to never weigh 300 pounds again, though, and I decided to refocus on not just changing my diet, but my lifestyle.

I did and currently do still live at home, so I knew the first step was to get my parents on board. I can’t credit my parents enough for what they’ve done for me over the last year. They have been infinitely supportive emotionally and physically. My mother helped me plan my new lifestyle and, being a nurse, she was capable of doing so. The game plan was to cut out bread, and focus on high protein foods. My diet for the last year has been a protein bar in the morning, chicken/fish/pork/steak for lunch, and the same for dinner (although recently I have tried to cut out the red meat), and various vegetables. If I went out to eat with friends or family I typically settled for a chicken salad. It has been boring and I cannot stress enough that this was an extreme diet as far as how strict I was on myself. My friends have jokingly referred to it as the “willpower diet.”

The second step I took – and this was probably a much more important step than the first – was that I let people know what I was trying to do. This seems so small but it’s something I had been scared to do every other time I attempted to lose weight. Once you put it out there in the world that you plan to lose weight, and what your goal is, it becomes much more concrete and is a constant motivator. I went to Facebook and Twitter with my intent and updates on my progress throughout my journey, and it did wonders for my ability to stick to it. As I reflect on it, this was easily the most integral part of my progress the last year. I always thought it would be embarrassing to admit I had a problem and that I was trying to fix it, but the response from my friends on social networks and in real life was overwhelming. Not only was I holding myself accountable to just me, but to everyone supporting me. Just as much as I couldn’t let myself down, I couldn’t let them down either.

Here are my Twitter/Facebook updates I posted throughout the past year:

20 pounds  30 pounds40 Pounds50 Pounds100 Pounds

The benefits, both physical and mental, are readily apparent. The biggest difference is that I no longer say “No” to things because of my weight. I am much more social because I am more confident in my appearance as well as my abilities. I enjoy life more and I feel like I am more of an active participant in it. Physically, it feels great to walk up a flight or two of stairs and not be winded. It feels great to not feel my heartbeat in my extremities when I am lying down at night. It strikes me most when I fall; the other day I fell while playing basketball with a friend – and immediately got back up. It felt so good to fall and not get hurt at all, when during my entire life up to that point a fall put me at risk for a broken bone or other injury.

Both getting my parents on board and putting pressure on myself by telling others what I was doing have been instrumental in my success over the last year, but I believe that my failed crash diet was just as important. Not to say everyone should try a crash diet and then get more realistic. Please, learn from my mistake and skip that step all together; it was not a fun time. But doing it the wrong way showed me how important it is to do it the right way. I do tend to be stubborn so it isn’t a surprise that I had to hit a wall before gaining an understanding, but that stubbornness has served me just as well once I made up my mind to make serious changes in my life.

Written by: Kameron Eller, brother of WSU employee Troy Eller

(We’re proud to post Kameron’s story. However, every individual has different needs at different ages. Be sure to follow a healthy and varied diet based on your needs)

Apr 29 / Dollar Sophia

Get In the Game!

This weeks post is written by:Ulliance_logo_jpg_2_5inIf you’ve already joined the Wellness Warriors Program (haven’t joined yet? Click here!) by receiving a biometric health screening and taking the online HRA, you took the first steps to living a healthier lifestyle!  What did you do with the health information you received about yourself? Your Ulliance Wellness Coach can help you hit a home run!

baseball mit

Much like a baseball coach, a Ulliance Wellness Coach can help you get over a slump in your career, your health or with your family.  Wellness coaching is a proven process that quickly brings results, because both you and your coach are very motivated and are working together on highly focused goals. You benefit by achieving goals faster, creating balance and enjoying the support of your coach whose only goal is your success.  Your Ulliance Wellness Coach will identify motivators, obstacles and strategies that will lead to healthy living.  You need to have a game plan to get and stay healthy so you can enjoy your life to the fullest!

When you have this knowledge, you have more control and can start
making simple changes to improve your health.

You can talk to your Ulliance Wellness Coach about anything that affects your health!  Some topics could include:

  • Career
  • Family/Relationships
  • Health
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Stress

 The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

What you put into your personal wellness coaching journey will determine what you get out of it.  It begins with you getting clear about what’s important to you.  What are your wellness goals and what do you hope to accomplish?  What kind of support are you looking for?  You and your coach will be working together, like teammates, to set and reach your health goals.

People at all stages of health can benefit from wellness coaching. 

Now it is your turn up to bat and you’re ready to take the first swing!  Make an investment in yourself…work with a great wellness coach!  Call Ulliance at 1-888-699-3554 to schedule your wellness coaching call. Calls are unlimited, free and confidential.

Remember, no individual health information is ever shared with Wayne State University or the Wellness Warriors Program.

Old Phone1-888-699-3554

A year from now, what will you wish you had started today?

Written By: Christin Hasselbring
Wellness Account Manager
Ulliance, Inc.
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