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Michelle NakadApr. 16. This is an unusual industry resource where hosts Donald Beekman and Liza Enebeis have been interviewing typographers and designers who work with type since 2004. Their range is...
Michelle NakadApr. 16. is an independent archive of typography, great resource for some inspiration
Michelle NakadApr. 16.   Great tool for all type related questions. Much more refined than a typical Google search (obviously).
Michelle NakadApr. 16.   The website is a great resource if you don't already have the book.
Michelle NakadApr. 16.  
A Hand-Painted Typographic Experiment by Tien-Min Liao
Michelle NakadApr. 16. 2014.   The website above shows a very cool video about the process
Dominic le Hair
Michelle NakadApr. 16. 2014.    Dominic le Hair makes a slick magnetized poster by cutting rubber magnets into letters with an x-acto knife and sandwiching them between sheets of paper before dusting it with...
Dana Tanamachi
Michelle NakadApr. 16. 2014.          Tanamachi is very well-known for her chalk typography work. Chalk is not a commonly used medium and I can see that she has mastered...

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