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Project 4
Jermaine BuieApr. 24. 2014.Project 4_research
Project 5
Azam KhanApr. 24. 2014.project 5 part apoject 5 part b   Project 5 for me was really repetitive but still interesting. For a critique, I don't think I did a good job with part a. This probably because I...
Project 3
Azam KhanApr. 24. 2014.project 3 part a project 3 part b project 3 part c I think project three for me was a fun project, tedious, but fun. I taught me a lot about how we see letters and how we interact with...
WSU Warriors - You still have time to secure a summer 2014 internship
Carmen GamlinApr. 24. 2014.Suddenly you look up from studying and realize that you have not dedicated your time in pursuit of your main summer activity..... Landing a summer internship!  Fortunately, many employers are...
Pilot Program for Enhancement of Contractor Employee Whistleblower Protections
SPAApr. 24. 2014.The National Defense Authorization Act, P.L. 112-239 (PDF) (NDAA) established a pilot program for the enhancement of contractor and subcontractor employee protections from reprisal for...
Pecha Kucha. Typographic Logos/Branding.
Khalled AllieApr. 23. 2014.Simply I think, typographic logos are an important factor for graphic designers.
Join the Hybrid Warriors to add AWESOME to your career portfolio
Carmen GamlinApr. 23. 2014.  The Hybrid Warriors are the organization leading the Wayne State University efforts in the Advanced Vehicle Technologies Competitions. These competitions provide hands-on, real world...
EcoCAR 2 is Seeking highly motivated, hard-working, ambitious students for sub-team leaders
Carmen GamlinApr. 23. 2014.  Seeking highly motivated, hard-working, ambitious UG and graduate students for sub-team leaders Best way to gain true real-world hands-on experiences by working on hybrid electric...

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