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Latest Blog posts

Lupton 151 -207 Bringhurst 143, 155-179
Azam KhanApr. 19. 2014.The grid that we use is very important.  You can virtually do anything with it. Although writing is flexible, the paper you use comes in different sizes. I was thinking about the golden ration in...
Lupton 91-96 102-110 Bringhurst 30-34
Azam KhanApr. 19. 2014.You should run wording with a vertical baseline against the spine of a book. Redundancy are good when making a system.  You can make indent, out dents, or line breaks as your Redundancies. You can...
Font ID tools!
Travis LarzelereApr. 19. 2014.Have you ever been browsing the the interwebz and seen that one font on that one web page? Well I just found two super useful font identification bookmarklets for your browser! The first one is...
Lupton 72-79
Azam KhanApr. 19. 2014."-the field between desire and necessity. Designers thrive in those. " I really liked that. I learned this idea that that text can be played like music, meaning there is room for interpretation, as...
Lupton 46-53 and Bringhurst 53-59
Azam KhanApr. 19. 2014.I learned about font families. Each font has subsets of different variations weight and slanting. There various uses, example, flagging things down is easy with bold and italic families. There is...
Lupton 13-39
Azam KhanApr. 19. 2014.The reading has taught me a little of the history and meaning behind Typography and that there has always been a fight between man and machine in a sense. The humanistic quality, and this notion of...
Project 1
Azam KhanApr. 18. 2014.Here's the final for Project 1. I'm pretty glad how it turned out. It was difficult, but I found all the letters I needed!
Project 2
Azam KhanApr. 18. 2014.  Here is the final. I got to express the letters. 

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