Adding headings and text blocks to Formy

We are always looking to expand our internal tools with new features. Today I’m happy to announce a feature we have been looking to add for quite sometime! Our form creation tool (named Formy) has been a huge success. One limitation of it was the inability to add heading titles and text blocks in between form fields. We do this a lot on large forms so fields are made into sections which makes the form easier to read. We felt this should be a core feature of Formy, so we added it!

How to use it

When adding a new field you will now see two new field types: Heading and Text Block. Simply click the type of field you’d like to add (same as before). You will be presented with the option to fill in the label with whatever text you’d like.


This is what the form will look like using these new fields. We hope this new feature will help create forms that are more organized and easier for users to fill out. If you have a Wayne State AccessID you can try these new features by using Formy today!