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Jul 25 / Hannah Mathers

A very “Detroity” week

I celebrated my 313 day in styyyyyle :) This entire week I did “Detroity” things and loved it. How could I not? Our city is definitely something to celebrate.

I went on lots of bike rides with my little sister (have you checked out Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Detroit lately? Have I mentioned how rewarding this program is? Ask me sometime when I have hours to talk about how much I learn from my spunky, fun, smart little sister. Forreal tho ps- yes! She’s my real sister now). We went to some music events and celebrated at the Detroit Historical Museum’s birthday bash. It was a fun filled week of Detroitness.

Biking in/to Southwest, Detroit (Mexicantown) -Friday, July 18


My sister, Shaterria and I, rode all the way to Southwest Detroit for lunch. On the way, we met up with some cool people at a local non-profit just chill in outside. We were literally riding around, they were playing badmitten and ask if we wanted to join. Of course we did! That’s what Detroit (to me) is all about. The community <3

We ate lunch at Evies, a delicious Mexican restaurant that has super cheap lunches. I ate the burrito lunch and she had the pancakes. We both like to eat :) In Southwest this week, we also visited Michocana for some ice-cream (I got the chocobanana because they are soooooo dang good even though they look kinda funny). Outside, we met a man and funded his “feed my kitty fund”. He was nice! Again, it’s all about that community.

From there, we went to Detroit Farm and Garden (a random place that I’ve never been to before) and played with some stuff that we shouldn’t be touching. We are the same in that too, we like to do things that we shouldn’t. Right next door is the fascinating 555 Gallery which is a super sweet art museum that used to be a police station. Artists use the cells to house their work. It was super legit! Shaterria liked it too but couldn’t figure out why “that sculpture of that woman is naked”. Haha <3 We drove by Grand Central Station and took advantage of the empty parking lot to practice bike tricks. Shaterria can do some legit stuff :)

Crash Detroit/ Mercury Bar – Saturday, July 19


On Saturday, Shaterria and I had another long bike riding day. We biked to Grand Central Station for some Crash Detroit, a “movement” that provides free access to music and arts in the process of meeting awesome people, dancing and enjoying Detroit. IT WAS LEGIT! And super fun. We enjoyed the music, the fire breathing dragon (that came from the event Marche Du Nain Rouge  a VERY Detroitish event that takes place in March every year, please check it out if you haven’t yet) and a delicious burger at Mercury Bar and some more music and dancing. I love that Shaterria met some of the band members after and they were so kind, encouraging her to pursue music <3 Yaaaaaasssss Detroit. Thank you for always giving us a good time <3

Coneys – Sunday, July 20

image-04What’s a Detroit celebration week without greasy french fries and hotdogs? Sunday we relaxed and enjoyed some classic Detroit coneys :) My guilty pleasure. Hey, it’s okay in moderation alright?





Slow Roll – Monday, July 21

image-06Slow Roll was the bomb as always. Over 3,000 bikers came out. LEGIT!  We started at the Traffic Jam (which is delicious BTW) and right around the corner from us. We headed West then north and back south. We passed by the beautiful Lasalle Gardens on the west side and partied a little more when we got back to Traffic Jam. I aint kidding, Detroiters know how to get down.

slow roll










Detroit’s actual 313th birthday – Thursday, July 24 

image-01Okay so Thursday was by far the COOLEST of all the days. I mean it should be, it’s the actual birthday! Highlights include – a visit to the Heidelberg Project where we all met Tyree Guyton (the founder and creator of the project), Shaterria painted a polka dot on his street and hosted her own TV show. Yeah, I aint kidding. Detroit is the ish!

Second stop was at the Detroit Historical Museum where we drove old cars (or at least pretended), made our own music in their new music exhibit, learned about the assembly line and listened to some good beats.

Finally, we visited the New Center Park for their Thursday Night Concert series and heard the Motown Gospel Choir. Brought tears to my eyes.  So much love and passion in all of the art forms that we were able to experience this week.

I think my week was pretty “Detroit” (I think Detroit should actually be it’s own adjective!) How was your week Detroit? How did you celebrate our beautiful city’s 313th birthday?


Jul 18 / Hannah Mathers

Happy 313th birthday, Detroit!

Wow. Our wonderful city is getting pretty old. On July 24, 2014, Detroit turns 313 and (as if we need an excuse to party) that’s a huge reason to celebrate.  There is literally something (several somethings) awesome to do every single day of our 313th birthday week. The Detroit Historical Museum itself is having tons of events this week. Check those out here. There are tons of other events too! Check it out y’all and happy exploring. :)

Friday, July 18

Calendar-James blood ulmerFriday Night Live: James ‘Blood’ Ulmer
7 & 8:30 p.m.
Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA)

Guitarist James Blood Ulmer has a cool combination of jazz, rock and funk in his music. Can’t imagine a better way to celebrate Detroit’s birthday week. We love us some jazz/ rock/ funk. Mostly we just like to shake our booties and this music is always good for that. <3


Calendar-Shaletta, Belle Isle Park,  Detroit, MI 2006Detroit – Bruce Weber
Now until September 07
Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA)

Before/  after enjoying some cool jams, why don’t you hit up this newish exhibit right outside the Deigo Rivera murals? I finally went and it’s super cool. Photography (if done well) really provides the audience with a new perspective of something that they may already know (or think they know). And this exhibit definitely did this for me. I’m thankful for the art in the DIA! I hope you’re also able to spend some time appreciating it.

Saturday, July 19

bandthumb-muccapazzaCrash Detroit
2-9 p.m.
Roosevelt Park (Grand Central Station)

A family friendly party including live street bands, visual and performing arts. Also, again with the Detroit pride. Roosevelt park is right in front of the beautiful, historic Grand Central Station. Seriously, you should see this place. Gorgeous and so historic! And the music? Awwwww, yeah.

showThe Detroit Portrait Series/ The Blackman Revue Show
Reception 7-10 p.m. and music at 10 p.m.
Cass Cafe
Free and walkable!

Join Cass Cafe and the community in celebrating the opening reception of the Detroit Portrait Series, a collection of large portraits of social and political leaders as well as everyday heroes from the past. #Throwback #DetroitLove. After the reception, kick back and enjoy a free musical performance of funkadelic, old school sounds with a modern musical twist.

392445_10150878458578397_1569836229_nNew Center Saturday Showcase: Invincible+
9 p.m.
New Center Park
Free and walkable!

Trust me y’all – this performance will make you wanna be the change. It’ll be political, motivating, resilient and fun. Kinda like the spirit of Detroit. Check this out. Invincible is seriously the ish. P.S. - Did anyone else notice how many free, walkable, musical events are here this weekend? I ain’t even complaining <3

Sunday, July 20

finishedStorytellersFestivalLogo_1Storytellers Festival
11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Detroit Historical Museum
Free and walkable!

Someone once told me that “the one thing that we don’t lack in this world is stories.” And that is so exciting to me! Come hear some of the people of Detroit (from all backgrounds!) tell their stories.

Monday, July 21

Detroit Love Ice Cream Socialice cream
6-8 p.m.
Detroit Riverfront

Join local organizations for a beautiful (as always) day at the Detroit Riverfront. There will be a picnic games, ice cream, music and, as always, TONS of love for our great city.


1405603596153Detroit Slow Roll Mondays
6:30 p.m.
Traffic Jam and Snug

Slow Roll is full of characters and I promise you that you will learn/ see something new about Detroit. Whether it’s socializing with someone that you just met or seeing a new place, you’ll love it. PROMISE! Get it, I like this thing.

Tuesday, July 22

Arsenal of Democracy Dayimages-9
1 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Detroit HIsotrical Museum
Free and walkable!

Make your own propaganda poster and learn about the World War 2 victory gardens. (It may not be that “exciting” but it’s important too!)


Wednesday, July 23

spring-car-show 313th Birthday Classic Car Show
0 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Detroit Historical Museum
Free and walkable!

Cars are a serious part of our history. Come celebrate the automobile (and therefore Detroit) by checking out classic cars from tons of eras and learn about how Detroit played a huge role in the industry (Okay, we pretty much are the car industry.).

8 p.m.
Museum of Contemporary Arts Detroit (MOCAD)

I honestly don’t know if I am writing zeros or ohs which makes this band kind of cooky and I kind of like it. MOCAD describes it as having a “musical language all its own” and “warped perceptions of what constitutes pop and experimental music.” I mean, let’s be real. Detroit is kinda weird so I’m sure that we can appreciate some different music like these guys. Check em out!

Thursday, July 24 -ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!


Garden Party
5-8:30 p.m.
The Whitney

Every Thursday, join the Whitney for an outdoor garden party. They mention the ability to “escape the incessant buzz of city life and peak into a previous chapter of Detroit”. Idk about all that, LOL, but it does sound like a great way to enjoy some history (this building is beautiful) and kick back and chill. P. S. - I’d imagine that there will be some extra fun activities for Detroit’s actual birthday.

313_Birthday_Invite_Cover313th Birthday Party at the Detroit Historical Museum - THE BIG EVENT! **  :)
6-10 p.m.
Detroit Historical Museum
Free and walkable!

Join one of Detroit’s best museums to party and celebrate Detroit style :) With dancing, food and drinks of course. Check out the Detroit Historical Museum’s schedule of events for our 313th birthday week here. :)

3bb831e8f8d8e3079ed3fddd935f9829_femhNew Center Concert:Motown Legend’s Gospel Choir
7 p.m.
New Center Park
Free and walkable!

Motown is a very important part of Detroit history! (And a very fun part of it too.) I can imagine it will be like a huge Detroit birthday party. Soooo beautiful sounding! <3


Happy birthday, beautiful! <3

Jul 11 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior Weekend – Detroit through the eyes of…

A DUCK! What? Yeah, so I did this photography project (I know, WSU classes are awesome) and photographed various cool areas of Detroit highlighting the diversity, culture and community feeling of our beautiful city. Hope you enjoy! Ps- If even this little ducky can get out and explore, YOU CAN TOO! Lol :) IMG_0260 IMG_0291Let’s call her… D-Duck (I know pure creativity on my part).IMG_0415 She’s ready for some exploring. Like all good Detroiters, D-Duck takes her bike to do her exploring. She takes advantage of the growing biking lanes and if she had more time she would definitely hit up Slow Roll Detroit, Critical Mass and rent a bike for some riverfront riding at Wheelhouse Detroit.

IMG_0424 Midtown – First stop for D-Duck was Midtown (Duh). She loved riding past Nest, City Bird, Shinola, Traffic Jam, Motor City Brewery, seeing from afar some hipsters chillin outside the Bronx, leading her to the beautiful West Canfield Historic District and finally past Third Street Saloon / Dangerously Delicious Pies. She had to go back to visit everything on Willis including Avalon, Goodwells Market and Spiral Collective. This led her to Cass where she passed tonsssss of cool ish including Cass Cafe, Shangri-La, Go Sy Thai, Cass Corridog, Source Booksellers and tons more that she is feeling too overwhelmed to list. She hurried over to Woodward in order to pass quickly by the new dog park on the corner of Cass and Canfield because she is a little afraid. She passed by Great Lakes Coffee, the Majestic Theatre/ Magic Stick/ Garden Bowl, the Museum of Contemporary Arts Detroit (side note! She stopped in for a youth poetry slam and was super impressed by the city’s talent.) She made it to main Wayne State campus (of course!) and finally made it over to the gorgeous Detroit Institute of Arts with the stunning main branch of the Detroit Public Library standing tall on the other side. She passed the Detroit Historical Museum, Good Girls Go to Paris, the Peacock Room and tons of more shops (as if she hadn’t already bought enough goodies). She was feeling exhausted already. She thought, “WHAT? People say there isn’t anything here? I would need years to see all these cools places. She loved midtown for it’s art, culture and life. <3 The heart of Detroit!


New Center/ Tech Town – D-Duck made her sweet way all the way down Woodward north to the Boulevard (Grand Blvd). She saw the beautiful Fisher Building which has a theatre and is architecturally stunning. She passed by the Henry Ford Academy for Creative Studies proof that you CAN receive a great education within city limits (think about it people!) She was happy to see TONS of people hanging out at the New Center Park for either a movie night, concert or dance party (or all at once). Either way, she found that this park get’s down. After passing a few big cool lookin hospitals, she made her way to The Motown Museum – Hitsville U.S.A. and was amazed by the history that the city has. Not only is there so much to do, there is a history of art, resilience, struggle and triumph. She loved New Center/ Tech Town for it’s innovative attitude without forgetting their history and of course, the sense of community. She was falling in love with the D!

IMG_0410Corktown  - From New Center, D-Duck took the long journey to Corktown. There she found TONS of outdoor art exhibits, hipsters and urban farms. She loved it too! She couldn’t help but stop at the Corktown kitty monument, made just ‘cuz Detroiters are out here doing cool shtuff. She rode by Nancy Whiskey, Spaulding Court (a beautiful historical building) the old Tigers Stadium (more history!), Detroit Institute of Bagels, Slows Barbecue, Mercury Bar, the Imagination Station (a community take over) and Michigan Central Station (more cool history!) If she had more time she would have stopped at Green Dot Stables cuz she heard their sliders are the junk (and they really are!) She loved Corktown for the history and the community feeling. She saw people hanging out on their stoops, community gardens, tons cyclists and she just kinda felt like it was a place where people knew each other.


Southwest/ Mexican Town – Next stop was the tour guide’s personal favorite (yes, that’s me). Southwest or Mexicantown (what the people who don’t know the area call it) is an area filled with culture, festivals, traditions and community (a common theme in the D). First she drove through the gringo part of Southwest where she found Xolimilcos (a popular place for post Tiger’s game people to go), Evies and La Gloria. She couldn’t possibly name all of the places. She continued down Bagley, cut over to Vernor and passed Cafe con Leche, a very well known place in the area. She stopped in and saw that everyone knew each other, the coffee was delicious, the culture was very evident and she was lucky enough to catch the tail end of an open mic night. It was legit! On her left, she saw Clark Park, a park that is very important to the community (she heard Tigers players make visits sometimes). There, she saw an ice rink for the winter and kids playing futbol, football and baseball. It made her miss her little ducky family who would have loved the place! She continued down Vernor very frequently passing nonprofit organizations reaching out to those in need, taco trucks and bakeries. She finally made it to her guide’s favorite ever restaurant, Mi Pueblo. She had tacos with carne asada and pollo. YUM. She loved Southwest for its culture, community feeling and art.

IMG_0320 Eastern Market - After a little Mi Pueblo snack, D- Duck made the long hike over to the Eastern Market. She waddled around, bought some fresh veggies and saw tons of characters. She loved the Eastern Market for it’s diversity, freshness and openness. It seemed that anyone was willing to talk with her! She also noticed that there were people there from all walks of life, gathering to enjoy the same thing. She loved the environment especially the outdoor music at Bert’s Marketplace and the ice cream at Mootown.



Wayne State - Before heading to her last location, D-Duck admired Wayne State’s beautiful campus silhouette in front of the Detroit sunset. <3 She was officially in love with the city.




Downtown – D-Duck finally made it downtown to the place where most people would visit first (D-Duck is a little weird). She loved the Riverfront, looking at Belle Isle and the Canada side of the River. She found the architecture, the lights and the nightlife just another beautiful aspect of her new favorite city. She also thought Greektown was the ish.






Okay, so I know this post was even cheesier than normal (didn’t think it was possible did you?) but I thought it was a really cool assignment that I did. Made me think – What would happen to Detroit if people came and saw it through this perspective? Simple and pure and without effect from what the media tells us about it? I think things would be a little different. My point is, there is a lot of great things happening here; there is a ton of room for growth, however, focusing on the positive can only be a good thing.

Weekend Event

conertConcert of Colors
ll weekend!
Various locations (DIA, Orchestra Hall, Arab American Museum)

This event is the ish! All around Midtown, there will be awesome concerts highlighting a variety of great music.


Jul 4 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior weekend – ‘Merica

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Time to celebrate our independence y’all. Detroit’s got you covered with cool things to do :)

Friday, July 4

Nancy Fourth of July Rock ‘n’ Roll Barbecue/ Pig Roast
2 PM – All night
Nancy Whisky (Woodbridge/ North Corktown area)

No better way to celebrate ‘Merica! Join Nancy Whiskey to eat some meat, drink some beers and celebrate the red white and blue.



belle isleRandom party on Belle Isle
All day
Belle Isle

IT’S PARTIES ALL OVER THE CITY RIGHT NOW! If I were you, I would gather the crew and walk around the city and find some new, random people to talk with. I know people say this place is dangerous and blah blah blah but I think that you truly don’t understand the openness and community spirit of this place until you have walked around and felt it. So spread the love and trust me, there’s plenty out there being spread RIGHT NOW! Get out there :)

Saturday, July 5

eastern marketSaturday at the Eastern Market
All day
Eastern Market

I just can’t help but mention that we should all visit the Eastern Market as much as we possible can this summer. It is just plain old good for the soul.



concert of colorsConcert of Colors Opening Concert
7-11 pm
New Center Park

Celebrate Afrobeat :) On the real though, our country is such a melting pot so celebrating any culture this holiday is totally fitting. I’m SOO into getting down to some afrobeats. It’s really great!


union suitesThe Union Suits at PJ Lager House
9 pm
PJ Lagers House (Corktown)

Another cool hipstery Corktown bar showing the band called the Union Suits known as having a “high plains outlaw country” sound. Hey, sounds legit.

Sunday, July 6

americanTake the American Coney Island vs. Lafayette Coney Island “challenge”
Any time
American/ Lafayette Coney Islands (Downtown)

In honor of Indpendence Day, finally make your choice between the two famous Detroit coneys (owned by brothers). I’m a Lafayette girl (although my last visit I found a cockroach on the wall, oh well). Which one will you pick?


Happy Independence Day y’all! Thankful four our country’s melting pot of cultures and various freedoms. We still have a long way to go, but I’m thankful to have been brought up here. <3



Jun 27 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior Weekend – End of June edition

Well, again it wasn’t difficult to find awesome things to do in the D this weekend. Don’t waste a minute of this beautiful summer! DO something new and random :) Imma be out there with you. PS – Keep me posted if I’m missing anything.

Friday, June 27

Critical Mass
7 pm
Trumbull and Warren (Matthaei soccer fields)

Alright, I know y’all think I’m obsessed and I probably am but this is an awesome event that every Detroiter/ human being must do! Check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed :)


large_2368a998-cfd0-42a8-a8f7-c314826e324a-2Chicha Libre
8 pm
Museum of Contemporary Arts Detroit (MOCAD)

Chicha is this alcoholic beverage made in South America from corn. It’s supaaaa strong (I actually had it in Ecuador!) Anyway, any event with it’s name included must be a riot. Plus, the MOCAD is always filled with characters, so I know it will be legit.


Saturday, June 28

keep families togetherCall for immigration reform protest
11:30 am – 12:45 pm
McNamara Federal Building (477 Michigan Ave.)

Whether you agree with the motives of this particular movement or not, I think that everyone should get involved in a movement that they are passionate about. Detroit is a great place to start! There are people hurting who need to be defended and we are a generation that can make a change! Sorry for the seriousness… butttttt if you’re interested in this particular movement, see you there. Get involved in your community y’all (no matter what movement it is)! We out here :)

stone soupStone Soup
Hillberry Theatre

A popular folktale told with a twist usin gthe language of urban America featuring hip-hop and rap to retell the tale. It’s a tale of community togetherness. Sounds legit. :)


Sunday, June 29

logo-150Detroit City FC Futbol Game
5 pm
Cass Tech High School

“City ’til I die” and “We lift Detroit in soccer” are their mottos. I can really dig it! Also, probably because I’m the world’s biggest bandwagon soccer fan and all of this world cup hype has really got me excited. :)


Tuesday, July 1

soccerUSA FIFA Outdoor match showing
4 pm
Downtown (TBA)

THE US IS KICKING BUTT! And of course, Detroiters are always looking for an excuse to party. Join fellow Detroiters downtown for a viewing party. Details will be announced but it will probably be in Cadillac Square like this last game. I don’t want to jinx it, but this might be the last opportunity to see them play. ‘MERICA.

Jun 20 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior Weekend – The longest day of the year

This Saturday, June 21 marks the longest day of the year (something about the way the earth is in relation to the sun at the perfect angle, blah blah… IDK! I didn’t study science lol). What I DO know is that there is tons of things to do in the extra daylight, especially in Detroit, well DUH!

Detroit Riverdays

imagesJune 20-22
Detroit Riverfront (in front of the Renaissance Center)

Detroit Riverdays is a great way to spend the day of the year with the most sunlight <3 Check it outttt. It should be a great time. (Ps – Disclaimer! These aren’t my photos) List of activities below :)



Carnival Rides

It’s like a carnival! But with a much better view than your small town’s and with carnies with a Detroit twist. Ps- Don’t ride the yellow one if you have a weak stomach (I know from experience :/ )


Sand sculptures 

Wha whaaaa!??! I had no idea that was possible. So gorgeous!


Live music 

It aint a Detroit party without some jams (but you already knew that). There’s a long list of a bands from the whole spectrum <3 me some Detroit diversity.


Detroit Artscape

There is a huge art competition happening right now! So in case you were thinking that there wasn’t enough to do at Riverdays, now you know. 


Detroit Street Performers 

They call them “buskers”. Idk what that is, but it sound coooooo. Looks like no matter what you do at Riverdays, you’ll be entertained. (Even for the full, longest summer day that we got!)


Detroit Riverfront things that are always available 

If you have’t ran through the sprinkler things directly outside the Ren Cen yet, you’re doing something wrong (or maybe I’m just a child). This is literally always available! Riverdays is a great time to take advantage of this opportunity. A couple other things about the riverfront that NEVER change: the sunset, bike rentals (from Wheelhouse Detroit), the merry-go-round, the smell of the fresh water, the smiling faces, the view of the skyline, the wonderful people fishing everywhere, the view of Canada, and tons more.


Soooo… It’s safe to say that Detroit has you covered on ways to spend the longest day of the summer. Every time I realize how much is happening, I get a little too excited :) haha Happy Detroiting ya’ll!

Jun 13 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior Weekend – Top 5 on my Detroit summer bucket list

With so much wonderful time on my hands, I created a list of things that I WILL do this summer. Sooooo, yeah. I better get started. Trust me, the list is longer than what I was able to have on here too. There is so much to do here! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (they are clearly blind). Much love and much exploring!

1. Spend more time on Belle Isle.

Yes, the state takeover has been controversial to say the least. However, we can’t argue that the nature of this island is one to be valued and appreciated. Of course, I have visited Detroit’s very unique  island (if you haven’t, seriously, get on it!) However, there are several things on Belle Isle that I still have not done. It’s safe to say that probably the more time that I spend on Belle Isle this summer, the better.



  Swim in the Belle Isle beach area

Yes, THERE’S A BEACH IN DETROIT! I know, I know. Mind blown right? It’s cuz not many people know about it (which in my opinion, makes it even cooler). Anyway, it’s beautiful and you can watch the skyline while you get your swim on. Oh yea, I’ve heard there’s rumors that there will be kayaks/ surf board rentals available.


Visit the Belle Isle Aquarium

Love me some fishies :) I can’t believe that after it’s reopening in 2012, I still haven’t been! It’s open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 4 pm. (Yes, it’s totally free! Despite my graduation, I still have a student mentality, LOL)

 Nature-Zoo-Former-Nature-CenterVisit the Belle Isle Nature Zoo

Open daily 10 am – 5 pm. ‘Nuff said.





2. Attend a Detroit Futbol Club Soccer game 

Yaaaaaaaaaaassss. After visiting another country, I realize that the US is the only country in the world that doesn’t appreciate the beauty of futbol (football in it’s original definition). Check out the skyline in this picture (okay, and the dudes). But this is definitely at the top of my bucket list items for obvious reasons. <3


3. Shop at Whole Foods 

I know I know, it’s kind of embarrassing that I still haven’t gone. Truth is, I’ve always been a little afraid that Whole Foods is wayyyy out of my budget. However, I just became aware (thanks Julie!) about the TONS of programs (like more than any fellow RA could imagine). Sooooo I’ve added shopping at Whole Foods on my list (even if it’s just once). And yes, I will be taking advantage of some of the events that they have going on. Check em out. 



o-WHOLE-FOODS-DETROIT-DEVELOPMENT-facebookAttend Sounds in the Street at Whole Foods

Every other Thursday, local artists come and share their stuffs. Free, frequent and right in our backyard. Don’t mind if I do thanks.





4. Visit New Center Park

I’m a little sad that I didn’t hear about this place before because it seems like the ish forreal. The New Center, neighbors to Midtown, contains the Motown Museum, The Fisher Building and New Center Park (duhhh). The place is gorgeous and totally on the rise. I’ve heard people call it like a technology/ business hub.

New Center Park 910-053111

download (4)Attend Wednesday Night Film Showing at New Center Park 

That’s right, every single Wednesday New Center Park shows a film, FO FREE YALL.

  Attend Thursday Night Concert at New Center Parkr-DETROIT-NEW-CENTER-PARK-large570

Yes… every single Thursday they show concerts FO FREE YALL. Check out the schedule here. 

850a77db7e978b87e0c6801e3cf9f2ec (1)Attend Saturday Night Dance Party at New Center Park

Again, every single Saturday there’s a dance party FO FREE YALL (see the pattern?) Pshh and people say there isn’t anything happening in this city. Feel that burn?

5. See the very talented youth perform at 5 E 

I saw some of the “kids” of this organization perform at a conference and heard some of the leaders speak at a film showing and this place is legit. It’s basically an organisation that teaches the 5 elements of hip hop as a creative outlet to our city’s youth. I can’t believe I haven’t made it out to a show yet because seriously, they are super talented, politically involved and overall extremely impressive. I can’t wait to make it out to a show.

5 e gallery

What’s on YOUR Detroit summer bucket list? Have you made it out to any of these places? 

Jun 6 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior Weekend – Biking the D

Critical Mass Review

Critical Mass is THE BOMB! Forreal tho. How can you go wrong with a bunch of fiesty (towards drivers) bikers… literally a thousand. I attribute this ride to much of my knowledge of Detroit and love the group for that. Critical Mass happens the last Friday of every month and meets right on WSU’s campus (Warren and Trumbull). Prepare to meet some characters and see some Detroit.

Critical Mass was originally created to promote the concept that cyclists exist and deserve a place on the road #WeOutHere. It is now celebrated by more than 3000 cities all over the world! It’s cool feeling like you’re a part of something that is bigger than us, ya dig?

So the purpose of the ride is to be completely spontaneous and have no plans but simply to occupy the streets via bicycles. Here’s the May 30th story…

Critical mass route 5:30

17.35 miles of adventure and stories. We hit up (in order) Our starting place, 2. Woodbridge, 3. a little of the Westside, 4. Southwest, 5. Corktown, 6. Downtown, 7. the Eastern Market, 8. a little of the Eastside, 9. the Dequindre Cut and 10. Midtown, before returning to our starting spot on Trumbull and Warren.


1. Starting place (Warren and Trumbull, RIGHT ON CAMPUS!)


2. Woodbridge (literally right off campus)


3. Westsideish / Southwestish


4. Southwest


5. Corktown


6. Downtown


7. Eastern Market


8. The Eastside


9. The Dequindre Cut - A railroad track on the Eastside (near the Eastern Market) renovated into a beautiful bike/ walking path with graffiti art all over.


10. Midtown


And I’m all like “HOME SWEET HOME”



Events this weekend

logo-76eb668ec78aef5f11d52c50b7b7a0dbMotorcity Pride
riday, June 6 – Sunday, June 8
Campus Martius Park

Love is love. Come celebrate pride and encourage others!



Wednesday, June 4 – Sunday, June 8
Various Locations (Detroit Film Theatre, Cinema Detroit, College of Creative Studies)

SOOOOOO many good films showing in Detroit (and in Ann Arbor but let’s be real, the D is where it’s at). A couple of the ones most appealing to me



  •  FINAL_1982_1-680x3251982“A well crafted portrait of black life in 1980s Philadelphia”. Showing on Friday, June 6 at 7:15 pm at the Charles H. Wright Museum.









10411343_10101225526811498_395424883238325502_nWoodbridge Neighborhood Yard Sale
aturday, June 7 – Sunday, June 8
9 am – 5 pm each day
The Historic Woodbridge community (Bound by Lincoln Street to the east, Martin Luther King and Grand River Ave to the south, Rosa Parks to the west, and I-94 Service Drive to the north)

Woodbridge has some serious characters so I can only imagine the cool stuff you can pick up at their neighborhood yard sale. Hit it up!

bildeDetroit SOUP
Sunday, June 8
6 pm doors, 7 pm proposals, 8 pm dinner, 9 pm winners
The Jam Handy, 2900 E. Grand Blvd

Detroit SOUP is by far one of my favorite things that our community does. The concept is simple but super creative. The community comes together, pays $5, listens to proposals from community members hoping to do some unique project, votes for their favorite proposal, eats delicious donated food (soup, salad, bread) and gets to celebrate the winner of the micro-grant at the end of the night. Talk about community grassroots togetherness. I feel all warm inside <3 seriously though, try and be a part of this. It might make you feel differently about our community.

May 30 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior weekends – Sala Thai and Shop Play Love

Hello Warrior Weekenders! Yesterday I paid a visit to the beautiful Eastern Market with a friend and ate lunch at Sala Thai, bought candy at  Rocky’s and a bought incense at a new shop (to me) called Shop Play Love. Here are my thoughts!


Sala Thai 
3400 Russell St

We loved the environment, service and the sushi. The rice was a liiiiiiiitle greasy for us, but hey, some people are about that life. If you’re a sushi fan though, try it here. It was super delish.



IMG_0860 Shop Play Love

2739Russell Street

Okay, Shop Play Love just might be my new thang. Maybe it’s because the owner, Vinetta, greeted us with the utmost kindness and welcoming attitude. She and the whole store was the bomb. I even bought some incense (which are illegal for me to burn in my complex, haha). But they smelled super good in the store so I couldn’t pass up. Their motto – “Play game. Play music. Play dress-up.” I can definitely dig it.



IMG_0856 Rocky’s
489 Russell St.

We ended the day with a trip to Rocky’s a old fashion candy store and went HAM on those chocolates. They were super amazing. This placed is hot and poppin on any given Saturday so I would definitely suggest you going there this Saturday.


Events this weekend! I couldn’t make a post without highlighting what’s happenin.frabz-293561

CMMCritical Mass
Friday, May 30
7:00 pm
Meet at Trumbull and Warren (or at University Tower on Cass at 6:45 pm if you’re interested in riding with me!)

CRITICAL MASS IS TONIGHT! I’ve been seriously waiting for this… Hundreds of bicyclists takin’ over the city. awwwhhh yeah

belle iseBelle Isle Grand Prix
Friday, May 30-Sunday, June 1
Belle Isle

Belle Isle is super legit without a million FAST cars riding on it, can you imagine how BA it will be with the cars? Pay yourself a visit! Just do it ;) Yes, this blog is all about that peer pressure life when it comes to going to Detroit events.


hoedownDowntown Hoedown
Friday, May 30 – Sunday, June 1
Comerica Park

This usually isn’t really my cup of tea but I see that the Big n Rich band will be there and “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” is one of my guilty pleasures. BE THERE IF YOU LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC! Two of your favorite things, country music and Detroit (and a lot of other things that come with it like dancing, beer, etc.).

sunday street marketTHE FIRST EVER Eastern Market Sunday Street Market
Sunday, June 1
10 am – 4 pm
Eastern Market

HECKKKY YEAH! Eastern Market is hosting a flea market kind of thing where all of the local shops will come and sell their goodies (not necessarily farm/ food goodies). I CAN’T WAIT FOR THISSSSS!! (Sorry for all the caps. I’m not actually yelling while writing this…)


Get out there and have some fun! I love seeing Detroit as our little play ground (okay, not so little). There are so many things to do that I can never fit them all in one weekend. Don’t waste this beautiful weather and time we have in the city!


May 23 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior Weekends – The ultimate springtime weekend in the D

I apologize for the hiatus! I would like to say it’s because I’ve been super productive but honestly, it’s because I just graduated and I’VE BEEN CELEBRATING! However, I wanna keep you all in the loop about the Detroit happenings so this week, I’m gonna do a “Ideal Detroit Weekend” highlight to show my favorite places in the D.



526430_268962946521668_780918507_nFree Art Friday Detroit –  The ultimate Detroit summer weekend starts around 1 pm (cuz in the summer, you sleep in!). I would wake up, check Facebook for any hidden art work and head out for the hunt. Free Art Friday Detroit is a free scavenger hunt in the city. Artists hide their work, posts pictures and you go search for it! Finders, keepers :) The best weekend would include lots of free art (maybe even some of my own that I’ve hidden!)



critical-massCritical Mass - TONS of bikers occupying the city. It’s a beautiful feeling that you are a part of something that is bigger than you. Really, it’s awesome. Plus it’s at night, you couldn’t feel safer because there are literally like a thousand of us mofos out there and you explore parts of the city that you might not be familiar with. I LOVE IT. The perfect Detroit summer weekend MUST include this.



imagesFriday Night Live – Every Friday at the Detroit Institute of Arts a special band/ group/ individual comes to perform for the best city in the US. :) I’ve seen some absolutely amazing shows and some that didn’t click with me but I NEVER regret visiting in the DIA on Friday nights. Plus, if you don’t like the music, just look around. Every performance is done in the Diego Rivera lounge area and BOY are they gorgeous.




detroit3_runthistown-jpgRun This Town Detroit –  Saturday doesn’t begin with me sleeping in because I’ll be busy getting my RTT onnnnn. Run This Town that is. Run this town is the best healthily lifestyle community that you could ever imagine being a part of. I really mean that. They are all about collaboration over compeition, encouragement, kind words and doing your PERSONAL BEST. I love my RTT bosses and I can’t get enough which is why my ideal weekend wouldn’t be the same without some RTT.


EasternMarket1Eastern Market – I couldn’t imagine a spring weekend in the D without my ultimate favorite, the Eastern Market. Even if I don’t buy anything, I love the people, the freshness and the culture. People from all over come for their weekly grocery trip and you can meet the people who are producing the food that you are consuming. It’s really a beautiful thing.




imagesDowntown Exploring – Saturday night is alllwwaayys fun in the D. My ideal night would include a bus ride downtown (yes I like riding the bus sometimes) with some friends. We would visit the liquor store (wink wink) and head to the riverfront, enjoying, talking and admiring the city. From there, we would head to GreekTown and do some barhopping ending the night with a special treat from Astoria in Greektown. LOVE ME SOME ASTORIA! We would take a five dollar taxi back to campus.




UnknownCourage Church –  On Sunday Morning, I would wake up a little early and head to church in Southwest with some friends. Courage Church is the community that I like being a part of. The people are super welcoming.




clark-park-6Clark Park - My ideal Sunday will end with a trip to Clark Park in Southwest, Detroit. Filled with baseball, people barbecuing, enjoying, good smells from the bakery (MexicanTown Bakery) and coffee shop (Cafe con Leche). I would bring some friends and just relax.




lsMi Pueblo – My friends know my obsession. It’s just sooooo good. My weekend would end with their delicious tacos, tostadas or quesadillas (and of course margaritas).





What’s YOUR ultimate springtime weekend in the D look like?