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Feb 19 / Trevor Torres

Fictional Letterform


After a few short weeks, it’s over.  Project number 3, the creation of a fictional letterform.  Attached below are some images from my process.IMG_1833 IMG_1834 IMG_1835 IMG_1836 IMG_1837

Throughout the process, I noticed various components of the letterforms that defined the Adobe Garamond typeface.  First of all, I studied the shape of the bowls of b, d, p, and q.  The bowls are ovular in shape, with one side flattening out.  This creates a small area with a sharper bend as opposed to the smooth curves of an oval.  It appears someone similar to the shape of a capital D, with only one sharp corner.  Next I noticed that the serifs of the Adobe Garamond Typeface are never perfectly flat.  Each have a small dip in them.  Furthermore, different serifs occupy different places.  A horizontal bar shaped serif is located at the tops and bottoms of some slants, notable in the letters v, x, and y, to name a few.  A slanted smaller serif is located at the top of stems, as seen in d, b, and r.

When it came to creating my new letterform, I had drawn up a few sketches of potential candidates.  In the end, I decided upon a letter based off of some of the images shown below.  In this letter, I implemented the ascender of the letter f, the proportions and shape of the letter, and a serif at the opposite end of the letter.


I played around with a few different ideas, some including cross strokes, some not.  I implemented various serifs, from that of the v, that of the n or h, and that of the z.



In the end, I decided to use the ascender of the f, the proportions of the v, and the serif of the z.  I decided to do this because I believed using the v serif would cause the letter to look too much like a v with an f attached to it.  The serif of the n was also not a good match, considering both the angle and size of the arm it would be attached to.  In the end, the z serif was the best match.


In terms of the strong suits of my letterform, I believe that I accurately displayed the style of Adobe Garamond in terms of proportion.  All aspects are accurate to the source material, and the letter size makes logical sense.  My letter, however, does not completely match the style based off of the choices I made for each part.  The overall slant of the letter is quite irregular when compared to other letters within the typeface.  Additionally, my choice in using the z serif, while making the letter seem more individual and unique, was inaccurate for the type of serif that would be used under these conditions.  Overall, however, I believe my letterform gets the job done.