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Apr 10 / SPA

Ask Dr. Llama About Travel


“It’s been written that if  you travel far enough, you meet yourself.  That is frightening!  And confusing!”

Dear Dr. Llama,

SPA finance team is questioning my travel expense to Africa, charged to my federally funded grant, for a possible dis-allowance due to the timing factor. The travel took place after the end date, but was completed within a week’s time after that.  I traveled to participate in the conference that focused on the Geology project on which I worked, to present my work supported by this grant.  What can I do to include this cost on my grant?


Kenya Dig It

Dear KDI,

It is imperative that no expense, travel or any other type that take place after the end date, can be charged to a grant.  However, once it is determined that the travel was related to the accomplishment of the goals of this particular grant;, the following can help you present your case for the allowability of the travel expense in question:

  1. If such a travel is specifically mentioned in the proposal and is approved by the sponsor.
  2. There is a specific approval from the sponsor for this travel during the life time of this grant.
  3. If it can be justified, that without that particular travel expense, the required work on the grant would be deemed incomplete.

In case there is still a lack of clarity, the sponsor should immediately be contacted, via your SPA Grant and Contract Officer, for their comments and assistance in basing decisions on allowability.