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Apr 10 / SPA

Ask Dr. Llama About Travel


“It’s been written that if  you travel far enough, you meet yourself.  That is frightening!  And confusing!”

Dear Dr. Llama,

SPA finance team is questioning my travel expense to Africa, charged to my federally funded grant, for a possible dis-allowance due to the timing factor. The travel took place after the end date, but was completed within a week’s time after that.  I traveled to participate in the conference that focused on the Geology project on which I worked, to present my work supported by this grant.  What can I do to include this cost on my grant?


Kenya Dig It

Dear KDI,

It is imperative that no expense, travel or any other type that take place after the end date, can be charged to a grant.  However, once it is determined that the travel was related to the accomplishment of the goals of this particular grant;, the following can help you present your case for the allowability of the travel expense in question:

  1. If such a travel is specifically mentioned in the proposal and is approved by the sponsor.
  2. There is a specific approval from the sponsor for this travel during the life time of this grant.
  3. If it can be justified, that without that particular travel expense, the required work on the grant would be deemed incomplete.

In case there is still a lack of clarity, the sponsor should immediately be contacted, via your SPA Grant and Contract Officer, for their comments and assistance in basing decisions on allowability.

Apr 3 / SPA

Ask Dr. Llama


“I’m not a real llama!  That’s just my name!”

How?  What?  Who?  When?  All questions answered!

In the spirit of the cost principle example published in a past SPA Newsletter, SPA Blah Blah introduces the expert on all things sponsored project related, Dr. Llama.  A regular feature, Ask Dr. Llama will provide examples and answers regarding proposal development and grant management and, well, everything you need to know about sponsored projects at WSU.  Contributing questions are welcomed and encouraged!  Contact


Apr 3 / SPA

Index vs. Fund — Who You Got?


When searching for budget information in Banner using the FRIGITD screen, query on the fund number rather than the index. Using the fund number allows users to view an account’s current status and includes cumulative information. If an index is used for a query, the information may not be completely accurate.

For instance, Dr. Smith is transferring from the Department of Chemistry to the Department of Biology. In processing the transfer, SPA changes the Banner attributes of Dr. Smith’s grant, specifically, the department org code. When this change occurs, it is effective on the date of the system change. Querying on the account using the index, only provides information from the effective date forward; using the fund number will provide the entire fund history.  Essentially, any attribute change (org code, program code) that requires a change of effective date on the index would have and effect on the query results in FRIGITD.

It should also be noted that using the grant number as search criteria will populate all funds associated with the grant — including cost-share accounts.  You can view specific funds within a grant by selecting Fund Summary when querying from the grant number.

Remember, using the index for FRIGITD queries can provide inaccurate information, misleading users about account balances. Avoid the confusion and query with the fund number.

Mar 28 / SPA

SPA Grant & Contract Officer Department Assignment Changes

With personnel changes over the last few months, it has become necessary to re-assign department assignments among the SPA GCOs.  This change ensures that all needs of Principal Investigators and department administrators are met with expedience and thoroughness.  Affected departments have been notified of these changes

Please refer to the this webpage for updated contact information.


Mar 20 / SPA

NSF Update — Upcoming Due Dates


Full Proposal Deadline Date: April 18, 2014

Program Guidelines: NSF 14-529

The National Science Foundation’s Directorates for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS), Engineering (ENG), and Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) are coordinating efforts to identify bold new concepts with the potential to contribute to significant improvements in the efficiency of radio spectrum utilization, and in the ability for traditionally underserved Americans to benefit from current and future wireless-enabled goods and services. EARS seeks to fund …
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This is an NSF Upcoming Due Dates item.


Innovation Corps – Regional Node Program (I-Corps Node)
You are subscribed to All NSF Upcoming Due Dates for National Science Foundation Update. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

Full Proposal Deadline Date: April 18, 2014

Program Guidelines: NSF 12-586

The National Science Foundation (NSF) seeks to develop and nurture a national innovation ecosystem that builds upon fundamental research to guide the output of scientific discoveries closer to the development of technologies, products and processes that benefit society.

The National Science Foundation plans to build upon the I-Corps program and establish a National Innovation Network comprised of I-Corps Regional Nodes that will support the needs for innovation research and …
More at
This is an NSF Upcoming Due Dates item.