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Sep 30 / Frank Addo

SAAB Summer

This past summer was a productive one for our chapter. Our members showed their dedication and contributed their time to help out in various ways.

Here are some examples:

On May 8th, members of our Executive board spoke at Westside Christian Academy (located in Redford) during an after school program called Boys 2 Books. We explained to them the importance of college, and most significantly, the importance of graduating.



We drove over 1 hour to volunteer at the Michigan International Speedway in August. While there, we cooked, sold food and beverages (and made quite a bit of money), cleaned up, and had a great time!


During both move-in days, we helped freshmen and upperclassmen move into the different campus dormitories and apartments.


Lawrence Robinson and Decores Crawford were two out of several members that helped out.


And, of course, we had a table at Festi-Fall.



Aaron Spencer (front),VP of Internal Affairs. Climmet Grimes,VP of External Affairs, is right behind him. Andre Gilford, former president, is next to Climmet. Far left–in the white t-shirt–is Dwight McDonald, our Membership Chair.


Study Sessions: Academic Success Center (UGL) from 10a-2p & 2-6p on Mon., Tues., & Thurs. Oh, and the artwork is by Che Baker, our Historian.










We hope to continue our activeness both on and around campus during this school year.

Expect more updates about other happenings!

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