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Jan 7 / Geoffrey Nathan

January is Data Privacy Month, and we’re celebrating with web broadcasts on privacy

The cybercommunity has proclaimed January to be National Data Privacy Month, and, before you sigh and turn away, you might give some thought to how you are using your smartphone, and, more importantly, how others are using your smartphone. And I’m not just talking about your phone getting hacked or stolen, although both of those things are also real risks these days.
C&IT, through the national university computing organization EDUCAUSE, is streaming a national webinar entitled:

Are you smarter than your phone?

Wednesday, January 9, at 1 PM, in the Purdy-Kresge Auditorium.

There is no need to register–just show up. After the webinar, a few of us from IT will hang around to answer questions and get some dialog going on this topic.

Here’s the official blurb on the webinar:

Nearly everyone on a college campus today has a mobile phone, capable of accomplishing amazing tasks while on the go. But, how SHOULD you make use of your smartphone? You are smarter than your phone if you know that you need to make careful choices about using your geo-location feature. You might post a picture to Facebook while on your European trip if there are other people still living at your address back home. But, if your house is empty while you travel, you would be smarter to wait to post until you get home. Do you really want everyone to know you are out alone at midnight by “checking in” at your local donut shop? You are smarter than your phone if you use sound judgment about revealing your location. You’re smarter than your phone if you know you need to think critically about the sensitivity of the data you put on or access through your phone. Do you use your phone for banking, without password protecting the device? Your phone is happy to do it. But you are smarter than your phone if you protect it with a password. If you’re not thinking critically about what you do with your phone, we’ll help you think again!

Hope to see you there!

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