National Cybersecurity Month is over, and we have winners! And a few losers!

Cat caught phishing


I’m sure you all eagerly read my announcement of National Cybersecurity Month, October:

October is National Work and Family Month and…

Well, October has been, and gone, and we’re assessing our results. As you may remember, we focused on phishing, with a quiz that we invited all of Wayne State to take. And the results were quite encouraging: 1744 people took the quiz. 1323 of them got ten out of eleven questions right (that’s 76%) and 637 got all eleven questions right (an excellent 37%). 

In case you’re wondering, the one question that turned out to be the hardest was one that really looked like Wayne Connect’s log-in page, but if you look carefully at the URL (web address) in the address bar of the browser, you see that it doesn’t end in ‘’, but rather an address in Tokelau, a small Pacific atoll that bases its economy in part on supplying cheap web addresses.

Hard quiz question

Two people won a copy of Adobe Photoshop compliments of the Software Clearinghouse.

Unfortunately, we apparently didn’t do enough training. Last week (November 7, specifically) people at Wayne received a tempting-looking email with a link to what looked like a legitimate Wayne log-in page, and 4 or 5 people logged in, with the result that the next evening some of their accounts were compromised and used to launch attacks. So our work here, alas, is not yet done.

Remember: never ‘reply’ to any email with your password. And, if you click on a link to something asking for your password, look at the web address and make sure it’s ‘’ (or ‘’, or whatever you are trying to reach). If it look suspicious, it probably is.

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