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Oct 27 / Natalie Frakes

Wayne @ MOT

Last Friday, one of the music department’s very own, Dr. Emery Stephens, Assistant Professor of Voice, offered Music Education majors free tickets to the Detroit Opera House for the dress rehearsal of Richard Wagner’s “The Flying Dutchman”! Free tickets to a world renowned opera house? I’m in!

It was also fun to become involved with our professors, Dr. Stephens and Assistant Professor of Music Education, Dr. Wendy Matthews, outside of the classroom. The field trip was an awesome opportunity for music education majors to connect with each other on a more “real-time” and “real-life” basis. Seriously, what better way to become closer with each other, personally and professionally, than at an event and a place where music is the focal point?


Zach, Vince, Marissa, and me (collectively MED 4540) at MOT (picture taken by Dr. Matthews)

Visiting the Detroit Opera House gives you more than music, too. The architecture of this one-of-a-kind facility is amazing! Take a look for yourself:

IMG_0001_2 IMG_0002_2

 Also, the Michigan Opera Theatre is presenting its new “Access” program for students ages 18-40. You don’t have to be in the CFPCA to enjoy opera!

The cost is $25 for admission and includes:

  • 1 ticket to see an opera or dance production (not a dress rehearsal)
  • Voucher for free drink at the bar
  • Free food
  • Meet and greet the cast of the production

For more information about the MOT Access program, visit their website: Access!