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Thinking with Type: Typefaces on Screen

I loved this section of the reading.  I actually wished I would’ve read it before completing project 3, because I feel it would’ve opened my mind a little more.  I can also see where the reading helped to influence project 4.  Especially the section on bitmap and anti-aliasing.  Before completing the project I read the section and was thinking to myself, now I get how the examples on page 78, 79 are going to help influence but how is the reading going to.  After completing I fully understand.  Another portion I found helpful was page 76 where the author began giving steps on creating letters/fonts.  It was stated to begin by creating the core letters (o, u , h, n) but with my words I decided to try and begin with the first letters,  which caused me a bit of complications, so I decided to begin with others and found it to be a lot easier.


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Posted by Lacey on November 24, 2013

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