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Feb 14 / Carmen Gamlin

COE Career Services AY 13/14

Hello Engineering Warriors,

From Engineering Career Services Office: Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all are having a wonderful semester so far and are successfully battling the extreme weather we are facing. As we have settled into this new year, we are creating official student records and we need your help to start the process. Many of you register for the co-op class and many others do not. We have no official record for our college as to who has had an engineering co-op/internship or full time work in industry while studying here at WSU. Please donate 3-5 minutes of your time and fill out the following survey form:

Data about where you work or have worked while studying engineering has not formally been collected for the College of Engineering for some time.  Employment data has only been taken after graduation. It is helpful to know which employers /institutions are engaged with Wayne State University Engineering students. We are not asking you to share any non-engineering related employment. However, I am requesting that you do share any internships, co-op, full or part time regular employment and research positions that you have done while you are/were a Wayne State University student.

I know some of you have secured engineering employment based on Career Fairs, Information Sessions and other campus career related events. Numerous others have secured employment from personal networking, your own job search or have simply worked full time before starting WSU studies. Regardless of how you secured your position, as a College we need to report to prospective engineering students and our stakeholders the percentage of our engineering students who work engineering related jobs during their degree or which employers are benefiting from the skills of WSU Engineering Warriors.

Even if you are a first semester student with no Engineering related work experience, I do ask that you complete the first section about career event participation. In the coming weeks, if you have not taken the opportunity to share this new annually requested data you can expect the following:

  • An opportunity to stop in the Engineering Career Services Office, 1524 EDC to complete the survey. We welcome you!
  • A friendly reminder phone call from Engineering Career Services staff with the opportunity to complete it over the phone.

To reward you for donation of your time, one lucky student will be picked every Friday and given a prize. This week’s prize is a Wayne State University Career Services’ blanket.

Week 1 Prize

I thank you for helping to launch new information that will help us as a College.

It is a great time to be a WSU Engineering Warrior!

Carmen Gamlin, MA, LPC

Engineering Career Services Consultant

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