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Jun 12 / Carmen Gamlin

Do you need a cover letter when applying for jobs?

When you are applying to positions, do not forget to include a cover letter or letter of application. This may be the body of your email with your attached resume. Since resumes do not have sentences (they just have phrases), it is evidence of your professional communication skill set.

I hear two schools of thought from recruiters on if they read cover letters or not. If you are permitted to demonstrate your passion for a company or field, by all means do this. Always write a cover letter if you are sending it to an email address. A human will see the email message which could be the content of a cover letter. Others say that they never read cover letters. You will not know who your recruiter is a never read or always read type of recuiter. Therefore, you should be a cover letter applicant.

This may be a good time to pull out your notes from your technical writing class. However, if you are interested in examples and instructions to write a cover letter, check out; the online page/article is entitled, “The Art of Writing Job Search Letters”. Click on the yellow circles to view examples. Before you sit down to write one, know that it helps to actually apply for a real position or have an actual posting to reference. It makes no sense to write a cover letter to a fake company. Make your time count. If you would like me to review your first cover letter, then stop in for walk-ins or send it to me via email. Career Services has drop in counseling hours that could include cover letter creation.

Below are a few excuses to write a cover letter – Apply!

Internships/ Co-op
• Construction Site Inspector ( Intern/ Co-op) for Anderson Eckstein and Westrick, : Send resume with cover letter to Vice President Scott Lockwood at
• Summer Civil Engineering Co-op with Wayne County Dept. of Public Services – Email me so that I can forward you the position announcement and application,
• Plymouth Technology Lab Intern – Chemical, Environmental Engineering:

There are more positions on CSO and The Front Door.

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