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Feb 27 / du1263

The advantages of looking for an employer first, then a job

By Robert Half International

“Job seekers often view compatibility with a potential employer’s cultureas a perk — something that’s nice to have but not essential to their satisfaction or career growth. That can be a mistake.

Incompatibility with your new colleagues, the work environment or the company’s values can quickly overshadow your love of the job itself. If these more subjective factors don’t suit you, you may find yourself in a position that looks great on paper but doesn’t bring you satisfaction. You might also find yourself back on the market before too long.

That’s why turning your job search on its head can yield valuable results. Focusing on companies first, and then positions, can help you target the opportunities in which you’re most likely to thrive. It can also reveal tailor-made opportunities that a conventional search can miss.”

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