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Dec 7 / du1263

Acoustics analysis and test co-op

Cummins Emission Solutions-Applied Mechanics Team is looking for a student co-op/intern in the aeroacoustics field for Spring 2013.

Key Responsibilities:

➢ Identify governing flow induced noise mechanisms for typical aftertreatment system (muffler) designs

➢ Develop and document an analytical method for qualitative/quantitative prediction of tonal flow induced noise

➢ Assist in development and documentation of flow noise test method descriptions, definitions of design limits, and boundary condition/material property datasets

➢ Participate in Applied Mechanics team, define and help in identifying additional beneficial tools, equipment, software, and methods pertinent to flow induced noise prediction.

Most Critical Skill Dimensions:

➢ Familiarity with computational fluid dynamics / turbulent and laminar flow, internal flows, common dimensionless parameters

➢ Proficiency in linear analytical acoustics: duct acoustics, radiation from point and line sources into anechoic and semi anechoic spaces.

➢ Familiarity with aero-acoustics theory is a plus

➢ Ability to rapidly identify the aspects of component, system, or test design that most influence its acoustic characteristics.

➢ Familiarity with simple electronic circuit analysis, project management, and technical writing.

➢ Ability to learn and become proficient in the use of instrumentation, equipment, and software used in passive- and active-system acoustic characterization

➢ Ability to communicate test/analysis ideas, material needs, and project status clearly, concisely, and completely by telephone, in teleconferences, electronic mail messages, instant messages and reports.

Tools most commonly used:

➢ Pro/Engineer

➢ ANSYS/ Fluent

➢ Mathworks Matlab

➢ University of Kentucky VibroAcoustic Consortium – MAP (Muffler Analysis Program)

➢ LMS Test.Lab

➢ National Instruments LabVIEW & DIAdem, CompactDAQ

➢ Microsoft Office tool suite

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