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Mar 25 / Nichole Manlove

Where Have All the Men Gone?

It never dawned on me until recently that library systems in the United States are almost completly staffed by women.  Upon first glance one would assume that men have no place in libraries (at least when it comes to employment), the only exception would be the staggering numbers of men holding administrative leadership positions within these institutions.  I ask myself constantly why does this seem to be the norm?  The answer may come in many forms….some men view librarianship as a feminine occupation, librarianship as a whole is not promoted as a lucrative field where advancement is possible  and expected.   Some people view librarianship as an area where little to no money can be made (salarywise).   Below is a short but interesting article I read in Libray Journal addressing the issue of gender diversity in libraries.   I’d love to hear  what others may think about this issue, especially the men pursuing careers within LIS!  So check it out and let me know what you think? What experiences you may have  faced? What suggestions or ideas do you have to address the lack of gender diversity?

Thanks again and I look forward to your comments


Nichole L. Manlove
Diversity Graduate Student Assistant
School of Library and Information Science
Wayne State University