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Nov 14 / Julie Alter-Kay

School of Social Work faculty and students present at multiple professional conferences

The Council on Social Work Education, Annual Program Meeting is the premier national meeting in the social work education field. The meeting was held November 9–12, in Washington, DC, with the theme, Social Work: A Capital Venture. Suzanne Brown, Cassandra Bowers, Janet Joiner, Joanne Smith-Darden, Cheryl Waites, Jessica Camp, Tina Dykehouse, Mickey Sperlich and Sarah VanZoeren were presenters!

Faculty and doctoral students also presented at this year’s Gerontological Society of America – 65th Annual Scientific Meeting, Charting New Frontiers in Aging, in San Diego, California, November 14-18, 2012. We applaud presenters, Cassandra Barragan, Faith Hopp, Chrissie Marsack, Tam Perry, Richard Smith, and Cheryl Waites for their commitment to advancing and improving the understanding of aging and its implications

In 2013 at the Society for Social Work and Research 17th Annual Conference
to be held January 16-20, in San Diego, California with the theme, Social Work for a Just Society: Making Visible the Stakes and Stakeholders, the following faculty will be presenting; Suzanne Brown, Carolyn Dayton, Poco Kernsmith, Jamie Mitchell, Debra Patterson, Tam Perry and Richard Smith.

Thank you for representing us well and continuing to engage in outstanding research and teaching endeavors!

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