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Aug 21 / Cyndy H.

A World Without Prejudice—When?


The news coverage of the situation in Ferguson has become intense.   Everyone has opinions about the situation.

You can monitor discrimination but not prejudice.  Prejudice is internal, within one’s heart and mind.

I long for the time when the whole world will be without prejudice.

I found this article very informative and inspiring.

I hope you enjoy!

Cyndy :)



Jul 25 / Cyndy H.

Happy Convention!


I want to wish my spiritual family a happy convention this weekend at Ford Field! Enjoy!

Here are some of my pictures of my convention in June!

Also,  I want to thank the Parking Department at Wayne State University.

They were so helpful, courteous, and accommodating  to a group numbering over 35,000.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Cyndy :)

FordField1 FordField2





Jun 19 / Cyndy H.

Hidden Gems of the Libraries

Old Bibles_2 Old Bibles_3 Old Bibles_4 Old Bibles_5

These are pictures of Old Bibles taken on June 11th from the Wayne State Insiders discover Hidden Gems of the Libraries.  Awesome Tour!