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Jun 13 / Francesca Fernandes

The 9th International Conference on Supplemental Instruction

Over May 25th to 27th four representatives from Wayne State University traveled to Kansas City, MO. Our mission was to meet others who also feel that Supplemental Instruction is a positive environment for learning. There is probably no better place to experience everything SI than Kansas City, the birthplace of Supplemental Instruction. Two supervisors and two leaders explored the best practices of other SI programs across the globe. We were fortunate enough to share our experiences and meet people from Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Australia and of course across the United States. We listened to many speakers who inspired us to keep creating spaces for student questioning and problem-solving. We also discussed how SI helps prepare students for the careers they will obtain after graduation. We can’t wait to share new creative ideas that will positively impact learning at Wayne State.

Supplemental Instruction sessions for the Spring/Summer are currently being offered in NUR 2030, CHM 1240, BIO 1500, BIO 1510, and BIO 2200.

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  1. Christine / Jun 16 2016

    Great Conference!!! It was very energizing!

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