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May 18 / Francesca Fernandes

Using Facebook to Learn About Scientists

It’s sometimes difficult to describe what Supplemental Instruction is like because no two sessions are the same. This week SI Leader Nicole found a creative way to remember important traits and facts about certain scientists. By creating fake facebook profiles for some trail-blazers in scientific history and research, students engaged with dates and facts in new and memorable ways. The great thing about SI is that it makes content that can be hard to remember come alive, and it’s kinda fun too. Take a look at how this session turned out. 20160516_123554 20160516_123600 20160516_123631 20160516_125046 20160516_125054 20160516_125958


  1. Tara Calishain / May 20 2016

    What a nifty idea. Mention in today’s ResearchBuzz. Thanks!

  2. Christine Huang / May 18 2016

    Fantastic way to incorporate social media into actual learning sessions. Students will likely remember much more than just reading it now that they have created a Facebook page for the scientists.
    Great job, Nicole!

  3. Hanan Rakine / May 18 2016

    This is very creative Nicole! I love it!

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