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Mar 13 / Lina Erlingis

Watch Out for College Scams!

Hey all, hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

Did you know there are scams out there that target college students?

It’s so important to stay safe in college, especially online, as we students are constantly on our computers and surfing the web. First of all, while it is important to search for and apply to scholarships, it’s crucial to be aware of the services that seem too good to be true, because many of them are. Some sites will claim to have a great and “easy” to apply for scholarship that fits your criteria and only takes five minutes to apply for, be careful before you enter your information into these sites. Some warning signs include when the site asks for an application fee, they don’t provide any contact information, they request personal financial information, or they claim that they will “Do everything for you”. Please beware of these sites! You don’t want to risk a scam site having access to your personal information.

Another common scam is sites for student loans, a shared necessity for many of us, but a headache all the same. Some websites may offer student loan forgiveness or other incentives such as sweepstakes, gift cards, or offering to pay your loan through a third party. These clauses are unfortunately red flags and sites that offer such things should be avoided. Again, don’t provide them with any personal information until you thoroughly read all conditions.

One other way that students are targeted is through employment scams because students are almost always looking for ways to earn extra cash. Certain things to look for before giving your email address to a site that is offering job opportunities is whether or not they have a LinkedIn page or a legitimate, verified website with contact information.

Just a few more things to be aware of are identity theft scams, rental and roommate scams, online shopping deceptions, and social media scams. A lot of the information I included in this post came from an article on written by Catherine Burns. I highly recommend checking it out for more details! Here is the link:

Lastly, to help you all in your continued studies, I’ve included some links to study materials that might be helpful:


Good luck!