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Research Projects

Research Projects

Project 4- Feasibility of Stratified Microalgae Cultivation in Wastewater for CO2 Capturing and Biofuel Production, Winter 2016 (Selected as one of the IoT projects, Wayne State University)


Project 3- Mixed Algal-bacterial Cultures for Bioenergy Generation and Water Treatment, Summer 2015 up to now



Project 2- Study efficiency of degradation of 4-Nonylphenol in wastewater through UV disinfection, chlorination and bio-remediation through microalgae, Summer 2015- to now





Project 1- Spatial Life Cycle Assessment of Algal Bioenergy with Available Wastewater, Flue Gas, and Land in the U.S. Winter 2015 up to now.

The integration of algae cultivation with wastewater treatment has received increasing interest as a cost-effective strategy for biofuel production. However, there has been no full assessment of algal biofuel production with wastewater on macro-scale by taking into account wastewater resources, land availability, and geographic variation. The purpose of this research is to develop a spatially explicit life cycle model, by integrating life cycle assessment (LCA), tech-economic analysis (TEA), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis, for the evaluation of environmental and economic performance of algal biofuel production with wastewater across the whole U.S.


You can download the related poster by clicking the following picture: