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Feb 11 / Yongli Zhang


Welcome to SWEET Lab web page!

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Sustainable Water-Environmental-Energy Technologies Laboratory (SWEET Lab)
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Wayne State University
5050 Anthony Wayne Dr. #2327, Detroit, MI 48202
    Phone: 313-577-9962
    YouTube Channel, Please click here
** Creative, Hardworking, and Passionate Research Group **

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03.09.2017 – In the  2017  Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium, Javad’s poster has been selected for first place award (Webpage)

02.22.2017 – Javad and Kishore presented the group research results in University of Michigan 

10.01.2016 – Hadel joined our team, Welcome !!!

10.28.2016Our idea for wastewater biofuel production integrating with IoT is selected for the next stage of Innovation Warriors Fund at Wayne State University. (Webpage)

10.01.2016 – Ali Ismail joined our team, Welcome !!!

08.15.2016 – Our article for spatial explicit life cycle assessment became online. To see the article please click here

08.14.2016 – Mohammad Mahaninia, a new PhD student, joined our team, Welcome !!!

07.04.2016 – Danielle Evans, joined our team, Welcome !!!

06.26.2016 – Dr. Zhang is presenting our research results at 6th International Conference on Algae Biomass, Biofuel, and Biproducts, 26-29 June, San Diego, to see the conference website please click here

05.01.2016 – Paige joined our team, Welcome !!!

05.31.2016 – Our IoT team is selected as the third winner in Intel IoT Innovator Lab at Wayne State University, to see the certificate please click here

05.01.2016 – Running the LCMS for our samples

03.25.2016 – Javad and Alexander Presented their research results on IoT final meeting at Integrative Biosciences Center (iBIO)

03.23.2016 – Javad presented the research results spatial analysis integrated with life-cycle assessment on 2016 Graduate and Postdoc Research Symposium, Wayne State University

02.01.2016 – Dr. Kishore Gopalakrishnan joined our research group, Welcome!!!