Changes: Farewell Joy Reed

It’s not often that a member of the Web Communications staff moves on but it’s a sad day when it happens. Although it hurts us a lot to say goodbye to Joy Reed we are happy that she is moving to a great opportunity at Media Genesis. Joy has been a Web graphic designer with us for 3+ years and has made an amazing impact on the user experience and the quality of work we produce here.

Instrumental to the design of these sites:

As you can see from the extensive list above, her eye for design, user experience and the university brand have made it’s way into everything she touched here.

It’s never fun to say good bye to an amazing person. Joy will truly be missed. Her contributions to the department, the Web, and the university have been second to none.

What now?

You can follow Joy on Twitter at @jedijoy. We will be reposting her position shortly and will follow up with a blog post to announce it. Stay tuned.

It's a jungle out there, why we interact socially

Sometimes I get caught up in coding something totally inspired by another project. It not only gives me an excuse to continue to program but also be flexible and create tools that add value to the university.

Today, 37 Signals announced they would start publicly displaying their “Smile Ratings”. This got me thinking, we rate all our twitter mentions as “Happy”, “Indifferent” and “Sad” in the same way, why not display that information similarly.

So I took an hour and this is what I came up with:

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