New Newsletters: Exemplar & Synergy

This last week we launched two newsletters. Over the last year or so schools and colleges across campus have been transitioning their traditional print publications to the web. Right now most are doing dual format but we expect them to go all digital over the next few years. This will not only allow them to save money (on postage and printing) but also get the word out to in a timely manor and start interacting with their audience.

College of Engineering – Exemplar

Traditionally a print magazine and will still be for some time but now they give their readers the option to read and subscribe online. The main audience is alumni and unfortunately they don’t have email addresses for them all. This is a slow transition by promoting the online version in print to get people to subscribe to the email and online version. It is still early so we don’t have statistics yet to show the conversion rate.

View the Exemplar Newsletter

College of Pharmacy – Synergy

Also started out as a print newsletter but this one has gone all digital, no more print. Traditionally they would publish a PDF of the print version online but not many people were reading them. The new site also includes an HTML email formatted specifically to promote the primary articles and upcoming events. Below is the preview of the email.

View the Synergy Newsletter

Overall this trend doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. Almost all the school and college sites we do have brought up bringing their newsletter online. Initially these were all custom but as we do more of them we noticed tons of similarities. We are building the tools to bring this capability into the CMS for anyone who hosts a site through us to use. We will keep you updated on these features as they become available in the CMS.

Site Launch: University Pharmacy


The University Pharmacy is a tenant of The Towers Residential Suites. They are a full pharmacy and open to the public. They came to us because their web presence was lacking, it was hard to find what they offered, promotions and basic information.

We took the needs of the pharmacy and its users and designed the site from the ground up. Every piece has the end user in mind and migrating it into our content management system allowed the pharmacy staff to update content and promotions in a timely manner.

The old site was primarily blue and oddly enough had a “EPIC” logo in the top left corner of the site. It is interesting because you would think at first glance this was for EPIC Pharmacy, it was very deceiving.

The other thing about the old homepage was the large amount of text. At first glance it did not engage the user so they were forced to look to the left hand menu to get information. Promotions and other “sticky” information were buried on child pages just waiting to be stumbled upon. For example, the pharmacy will deliver prescriptions anywhere on campus when they are ready. Something students, faculty and staff would find as a great convenience.

We changed all that with the new site having the University Pharmacy logo in the top left, using orange to make an impact and reducing the amount of text on the homepage to make way for promotions and things to catch the user’s eye.

Overall the new site and structure allows for a user experience that matches the convenience and capabilities that the University Pharmacy has to offer.

View the new University Pharmacy site at: