Opening: Part time Web content administrator in the School of Business

The Web Content Administrator at the Wayne State University School of Business Administration is responsible for creating, editing and formatting textual and graphical content for the School of Business Administration website.  The Web Content Administrator assists with the general management of the website and works with important stakeholders including Wayne State University’s centralized Marketing/Web and Development teams, business school faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Primary responsibilities include

  • Researching, planning and writing fresh content for the website. This may include:
    • Coordinating photography and graphics
    • Coordinating and conducting interviews
    • Participating in meetings
    • Evaluating content and recommending best practices
  • Entering content into the University’s custom Content Management System and formatting it
  • Developing online event promotions and monitoring promotion schedules
  • Assisting with creating a planned review system to ensure content and links remain current
  • Other duties as needed

Minimum qualifications

  • Outstanding communication skills, especially written
  • Prior Web writing experience and a keen understanding of writing for the Web versus other media
  • Experience working with a Web content management system or similar Web-based system (i.e. blog)
  • Basic  knowledge of HTML
  • Some graphic design and photo editing ability (basic working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop)
  • Basic knowledge of social media websites (YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Schedule:  20 hours per week

Work is performed on-site at Wayne State’s Detroit campus on a predetermined schedule. Schedule is flexible, but must be designed so hours are worked during WSU’s normal business hours: between 8:30 am and 5 pm, Monday – Friday.

Salary:  Up to $19 per hour, depending on experience. This position does not provide fringe benefits.


This position is part of the School of Business Administration Marketing & Communications department and reports to the Director of Marketing & Communications.

Please send a cover letter, resume, and at least 2 Web writing samples by February 17, 2012 to:

Jenny Powell-Grosvenor or fax 313-577-4557.

We’re looking for two student Web developers

With the recent departure of Brett and the upcoming graduation of Shaun we are in need of two new student Web developers. It’s a great opportunity to work in a real Web environment with real clients, deadlines and the ability to shape the future of Wayne State’s website.

Here’s who we’re looking for:

  • Freshman or sophomore computer science student (but not limited to)
  • Prefer PHP, MySQL, jQuery, MVC and Smarty (or similar) experience
  • Interest in contributing or previous experience with open source software
  • Excited about working with a lot of data
  • Interested in a career in Web development long term

If you were working for us, here is an idea of what your tasks look like:

  • Talk through the implementation of a new feature in the CMS with the senior developers
  • Fix a small CSS display bug in IE7 on a departmental homepage
  • Take a paper form and turn it into a web form with validation
  • Add a module to an existing site to view and export entries from a web form
  • Meet with one of our web designers to go over a mockup to determine which parts of the design may be difficult to implement
  • Take a PSD created by the designers as turned it into an HTML template in our CMS
  • Track down and fix a bug in an existing application that locked a user out of their manager
  • Create a database query to connect a few tables and export the results as a CSV
  • Answer emails from our clients (departments on campus) in a timely and polite mannor
  • Walk someone through adding an event on the university events calendar on the phone
  • Review another developer’s code for consistency and bugs
  • Test a site for mobile phone compatibility and print friendliness

This list may look intimidating, you won’t dive into everything your first week but it’s just a little of what you will experience.

Experience is not important. We aren’t interested in your resume, we don’t care if your only other job is at McDonald’s. We are looking for students who are aspiring web developers and have a passion to learn. We assure you will leave every day with more experience than you could ever get by yourself or sitting in class.

We are a teaching department, most of the full time staff started out as part time and grew in to full time positions while learning. Your education is important to us so we are very flexible about your schedule. We are looking for someone to work 10-20 hours per week with 10 hours being the minimum.

If this job sounds like something you’d love to do every day, we definitely want to hear from you. We need to hear from you!

Please get in touch by emailing web [at] wayne dot edu with a brief description of your experience and why you think you would be a good addition to our department. Please include “Student Developer” somewhere in the subject. Thanks!


Farewell Brett – Our Student Developer

It’s sad to say but today is our student assistant developer Brett’s last day with us. It has been great having him here the past year and a half but he has graduated and found a real job. We are all very happy for him and wish him the best of luck!

Brett has been an amazing asset to the Web Communications department over the past year, we would not be where we are now without him. Although he oddly escaped any shenanigans during his time here, we hope we taught him something. 🙂

Just a few projects Brett has made possible:

  • Academic Success Center appointment system – He completely revolutionized the way students schedule tutoring sessions with tutors. All appointments are now scheduled through the website, tutors are notified, and students can see their upcoming and previous appointments and even cancel an appointment if they need to. The project allows students to know exactly when a tutor will be available and dedicate time to their needs. It also reduces the time a tutor is waiting around for walk-in appointments, they know exactly when students are coming in to see them.
  • Upcoming APEX website redesign – All the frontend programming and integration of the main website and eight subsites was handled by Brett.
  • Commission on the Status of Women nomination form – Yesterday I posted about the launch of the new COSW website. One hidden piece of that site is a self-nomination form which allows the public to become part of the commission.
  • OEHS Safety Training Forms – After a server issue took the previous forms offline Brett stepped in and quickly migrated the training forms into our CMS with reporting ability to allow for their operation. These forms are essential for all faculty working with radioactive material each year.
  • Redesign Administrative Policy and Procedures Manual (APPM) – Not actually launched yet but he worked on a complete redesign of the manual to make it look like the main WSU website and allow for each section to be linked to and indexed directly.
  • Combined search page style – The post pretty much says it all and Brett was essential to making the page look as a main property.
  • Learning Communities request info form – The form is part of a soon to be launched redesign of the Learning Communities website which features a filterable list of learning communities and the ability to “request information” of the ones you are interested in. Previously the communities were just content on a static page. Brett was responsible for creating the database and management of them and the information requests. It will help both the Undergrad Programs department and the community coordinators keep track of interest and have a standard method of communication.
  • Re-aligned site index – A change that gives far more context and a few options to the list of all our major websites at the university. The major change is the separation of main and medicine campus sites.
  • Site analyzer in the CMS – He created a way to completely analyze the websites in the CMS for broken links, images and anything incorrect. This is all done from frontend files as if a real user was viewing and clicking through the website. In just one click it saves us hundreds of hours of manual checking.
  • Current Students page re-align – Another not yet launched change on but it will allow current students to log in to key university systems right from the Current Students page. The need for this change was based on our tracking of how our visitors use that page. It should reduce the number of clicks and time to destination for current students.

This list is just a sample of how Brett has impacted our department and Wayne State as a whole. There are many small client tasks that he is responsible for on a daily basis that also impact the community in much more hidden ways.

We wish we could keep Brett on our team forever, but it is time for him to move on to bigger and better things. He will be missed and we wish him the best of luck!

On a side note, we are looking for our next great student developer. If you know a student who is passionate about the Web, standards, accessibility and loves getting their hands dirty, drop us a line.

Looking for a temporary Web content ninja

Jenn Di Sano will be going on maternity leave early next year from March till June. We cannot live without her and need a replacement for that period and that period only. Below is an outline of what she does on a daily basis. We are looking for someone to come in as a temporary employee while she is out to accomplish these responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities

  • Read all references to Wayne State on the Web, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and take appropriate actions. Those actions include but are not limited to:
    • Research questions or misconceptions referenced
    • Responding from a main university account
    • Finding an appropriate person within the university to respond
    • Determine the most appropriate locations to promote an event, news or person
  • Continue to monitor the Web, Facebook, Twitter, etc. throughout the day
  • Read all alerts of the latest news, events and press releases posted throughout the university during the day and determine the most appropriate locations to promote. Re-write the headlines, descriptions, etc. for each location to be most effective. The locations to promote include but are not limited to:
    • University homepage
    • University events calendar
    • Various cross promotion on university web pages
    • Digital signage
    • Social media
    • Internal communications
  • Work with clients on current projects on an as-needed basis.
    • We oversee 400+ websites with 150+ maintenance agreements
  • Work with clients around campus to create, edit and finalize their website information architecture, navigation and functionality
    • Main projects right now include Law School and Social Work
  • Review e-mail requests in Web inbox for content updates and additional site needs
  • Make sure events on the homepage are populated
  • Make sure the Featured Events on homepage are populated
  • Make sure events listed on the WSU Event Calendar are populated
  • Work with others on campus and within MAC to find main content stories for new homepage
  • Train the campus community how to use the CMS upon request


  • Based on experience


  • Start March 1, 2011 and end around mid June.

How to Apply

  • Drop us a line at with your resume and portfolio. A nice note about why you would be perfect for the position would be nice too.

Welcome Jenn Di Sano, our new Web Content Administrator

I want to formally introduce our new web content administrator, Jenn Di Sano. Jenn actually started her career at Wayne State in our department a few years ago before moving to the Computing & Information Technology division to be their Web writer. We are lucky to have her back.

Jenn comes to us with loads of experience and ideas. At the School of Medicine she was tasked with revamping the architecture and content on the Internal Medicine Web site. This site is huge, hundreds of pages and multiple departments. Jenn did a killer job aligning everyone to the same vision and coordinating a successful launch.

Recently she was an integral part of the Computing & Information Technology Web site launch. She was our primary contact and had to coordinate between our demanding requirements and the needs of the C&IT administration. She succeeded with flying colors.

What’s in store for Jenn

As the web content administrator for the entire university she has some pretty important jobs.

  • The first and foremost is to keep and filled with all the interesting things going on around campus.
  • Next is to continuously update the 300+ sites our department deals with on a daily basis.
  • In addition, making sure our social media community gets it’s fill of interesting and fun topics.
  • Lastly making sure all our new projects are running smooth. Creating the information architectures’, training campus on our CMS, keeping the developers and designers in line and most importantly making sure departments are updating their sites on a regular basis.

I have a feeling you will be hearing a lot from Jenn in the following weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

Weclome Chris Kassab! Our new Student Developer

We have a new student assistant starting today, Chris Kassab. Chris is a computer science major at Wayne State and he is going to be helping out with back end development for a few of our ongoing internal projects.

Over the past year or so the growth of new projects has been great. Groups have been transitioning their print content to the web, not only saving money but to reach a larger audience. We have been pumping out sites with greater functionality than ever. With that greater functionality comes the need for more brains and hands on deck.

Almost everyone in the web communications department has started out as a student assistant and worked their way up. Even myself started as a student, I was eager, ambitious and anxious to learn something new. I like to think we mold minds, we give opportunities to grow and we take pride in what we do.

You may not see Chris’ work but that is the point, no one ever complained about web pages loading too fast, a rock solid API or a CMS that was expandable and adaptable. He may be writing here soon with updates on his work, subscribe to our feed to get notified.