Welcome Shannon Tucker to the Web Communications team

We are pretty excited to announce that Shannon Tucker will be joining the Web Communications team. Shannon has worked for C&ITfor 10 years and has been responsible for streaming services and video hosting for the university. He was also instrumental in the setup of the Echo 360 classroom recording system. Running the College of Engineering computer labs; (Unix/PC), distant learning classroom. Developed lecture capture, class recording, distant learning and training material for the Computer Science department. Not to mention hundreds of other cross departmental projects including Blackboard training and promotional material.

What Shannon will be responsible for

Digital Signage

Over the past year or so the digital signs on campushave expanded from 15 to around 60, with even more scheduled to go up this year. In addition to the quantity of the signs there is also need to customize each sign beyond the few base templates. Shannon is going to take the signage to the next level and allow for this customization while still maintaining the consistency between them all.


Still unofficially announced but we will be launching on iTunesU this summer. The hardware and software is all set up, we have just been waiting for the staff time to become available. With Shannon’s expertise with classroom recording, including the hardware, software, and faculty, it puts him in the perfect position to be the point person to ensure our iTunesU system is as robust as it possibly can be.

Event Streaming

Lastly, most of the streaming events on campus are produced by Shannon and are coordinated through the Marketing department. It is only natural that those services continue to expand. We’re always looking at different options to show off campus and our speakers, traditionally this has been done ad hoc and by request of the event organizer. We may be flipping that workflow and positioning streaming as a core promotion opportunity for events on campus. Shannon will be instrumental in this expansion.

What’s next

Over the next week or so we will be determining the exact roles Shannon will have and what opportunities will be available to campus. Look for him around campus, this blog and responding to your emails.