CMS page editor gets an update

We just updated the page editor in the CMS. We use an open source editor called CKEditor which allows content contributors to update pages without having to know HTML. The version we were using was horribly out of date. We wrote a few additions and changes to it that we didn’t have time to migrate with each update. The time has finally come when the current release has those changes built in. We are happy to announce we have just deployed this new editor for everyone to use.

Old Editor

New Editor

You’re probably thinking they look exactly the same and you are right. There are a few minor visual tweaks but the entire back end of the editor has been rewritten and is quite a bit faster and more functional.

New Features

  • Cross browser inline spellchecking
  • Better paste from Word cleanup
  • Ability to add pre styled containers
  • Better find and replace functionality

We Removed

  • Predefined “Styles” – No one used them and they often didn’t function as expected
  • Font definition – Font styles are controlled by the site stylesheet and we want to keep it that way

This is your editor

Let us know what you think, we would love to hear your opinion. Does this add a feature you’ve been waiting for? Or did we miss something you always use? Just shoot an email to web[at]

View by Audience

We recently updated the University calendar to handle viewing events by audience.  This was brought up by one of our clients and it made perfect sense for us to make this addition. Previously the only way to view events was by a particular calendar. It was helpful, but limited. We added this feature into the menu and it interacts the same way as viewing by a calendar.

We hope this new feature allows our users to interact with the calendar more often and find more relevant events.

Upcoming changes to the university events calendar


Something big is happening to the university Events Calendar.

A little bit ago Rob Vrabel mentioned we were working on the events calendar and I would like to confirm that we are and we have some great things in store.

We will be running down all the new features in detail closer to launch but here are just a few things to look forward to:

  • Completely new interface
  • Better listing and search for events by interests and audiences
  • Upcoming Deadlines and Reminders are broken out from main calendar
  • Images now supported for event promotion
  • Image and video gallery available for every event
  • RSVP’s to be created and managed by anyone
  • Ability to show interest or say you are attending an event even if there is no RSVP
  • Calendars will be better organized in the left menu
  • Featured event promotion
  • Addresses for location of off campus event
  • Subscribe by RSS to a category or audience
  • Email subscription for upcoming featured events each week

You can view the current calendar at: