Welcome back Rolaine!


Rolaine has been out on maternity the last few months and we missed her terribly. We missed her so bad that we placed something on her desk each time we thought of her. As you can see the items added up quickly and she came back to an overflowing welcome this morning. 🙂

Welcome back Ro, we missed you!


[Shenanigan] Quarantine

Last week Bob Vrabel was out sick. The work on his desk piled up and as we started chipping away at it we wanted to make sure we too didn’t get sick. So the only solution was to quarantine his entire desk to be safe.

Here is his desk in quarantine:

Poison Ivy

In our group if you’re out for two days with poison ivy don’t be surprised when you come back to this.

I should probably post more of these shenanigan’s and think I will in the future.