[Friday Links] The changes edition

Fridays are always busy for us, we try to focus exclusively on internal projects, which means I often don’t have time to post my Friday Links list. So why not just rename it you ask? I don’t have a good answer for that. 🙂

Anyways, these links were too good to keep myself, enjoy!

[Friday Links] The Molly Holzschlag Edition

Yesterday Detroit welcomed Molly Holzschlag as the inaugural of Rise + Design Detroit in the morning and to give a full talk at Refresh Detroit in the evening. Molly is considered one of the godfathers godmother of the Web. Her talks centered around “From Documents to Apps: Evolving an Open Web”. As an advocate for open standards, she outlined how the open web allows for the empowerment of all individuals via global access. The archive should be up soon on the Refresh Detroit website.

She started her talk with a quote from Hillman Curtis that I am very fond of and wanted to share:

“Be prepared to reinvent yourself. Be prepared to go out on a limb occasionally, and be prepared to do the things that you feel strongly about”
Hillman Curtis

[Friday Links] The back on the horse edition

After a few weeks off I was finally able to catch up with my RSS feeds and put together the sites I have found useful and impacting from this past week.

[Friday Links] The Dropbox Edition

Dropbox (referral link) is the swiss army knife of file storage, it allows you to get your documents when and where ever you are. This week Dropbox had two pretty big announcements, the first is a new service tailored to business teams. The second was the introduction of auto uploading photos and videos from your mobile phone. Dropbox is just another example of the declining reliance on hardware devices and increase in services.

[Friday Links] The Bootstrap Edition

This week went by quicker than expected but a lot got done. Ad you can see from the links below some great stuff has been produced and announced this week. Take a second to glance at the list, I’m sure you will find something that strikes your interest.

[Friday Links] The SOPA Edition

This was a big week for online censorship, the bill nicknamed SOPA has been put on hold. After a widespread online protest, support for the bill dropped. Although this is not the first attempt to squash freedom online, it has become the most visible in the main stream media. It is just another battle in the war to uphold the freedom the Internet was built on. The links this week are intermixed with SOPA content, enjoy them all because you can (while you still can).

[Friday Links] The First Week Back Edition

This week students were welcomed back to campus as the Winter semester started. This means a lot of activity on campus and on the Web. Students are desperate to find information quickly and on the go. Below are the stories from around the Web that I found interesting from this week. I hope you enjoy them.

[Friday Links] The New Year Edition

Hopefully you had a relaxing break because it’s time to dive back in! Below are the insights, tools and opinions I have found useful over the past week and I hope you do to. Enjoy!

[Friday Links] The Holiday Break Edition

2011 was a great year and this last set of Friday links continues the trend. This weeks links range from funny to useful to inspiring. It is a great subset of all the previous Friday Links. Take a look and I’m sure you will find something that interests you. It’s been a great year and we can’t wait to start 2012!

[Friday Links] The Clean Up Edition

It’s that time of year, things are winding down and a new beginning is in our sights. It is a good time to reflect on everything you did, and did not, accomplish this year and start planning for the next. I find the best way to do that is by cleaning up. Clean your email, file folders, photos, videos, and organize your digital and physical life. You don’t know what you have to work with next year until you take a look at it all in one sitting.