Flipboard app for iPhone = Social Media Swiss Army knife

FlipboardFirst, I want to say that I’ve have been using the Flipboard app for the iPad for some time now and love it. I was anticipating Flipboard coming to the iPhone and was very excited when it launched in early December of 2011. I have been using it exclusively for a month and must say it meets all my expectations of an “all in one” social media feeder.

Some of the social media apps and online tools it integrates with are: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Google Reader (RSS), LinkedIn and Tumblr.  It’s very intuitive to use with your thumb, flipping through all my connected accounts, with easy export options to share any article your perusing, to your own social accounts.

The nice thing Flipboard does is bring a visual aspect to your social media channels. For instance on Twitter, it not only brings in the tweet, but the image, webpage or video that it is associated with so you can visually scan what the tweet is about.  I also love that it brings in my google reader feed or any blog exclusively, with a quick search.

What Flipboard isn’t for: This isn’t a business tool for someone that has 10 twitter accounts and wants to do mass sending, scheduling and searching for keywords. Although you can tweet, post to Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn from within Flipboard, which is a nice feature for the personal user like me.

If you haven’t downloaded it on your IOS device yet, I highly recommend you do so. It’s a timesaver, beautifully made and its free! Check it out: http://flipboard.com/