Coffee Wars – The results are in!

Coffee WarsHave you ever had interoffice debates to what coffee tastes the best?  Well, we do and we finally decided to hold an office blind coffee taste testing and find out, which coffee is the best!

We wanted to get a blend of both popular “home brews” and retail chain coffees to see which actually tasted better.  We had everything from Starbucks coffee all the way to the basic canned coffee like Maxwell House.

Here were the specifics of the tasting:
We decided to taste-test it black, to keep a consistency across all the coffees.  Each taste cup was 1 oz and there was a total of 11 coffees being represented. We rated each coffee on a 1-10 rating scale and left a quick description of each coffee’s flavor. After it was all said and done, we were very surprised with the results. For you Dunkin Donuts fans, you might want to hide your eyes.

Rank 1 – Kirkland – Overall 87 – Average 6.21
Rank 2 – Panera – Overall 77 – Average 5.50
Rank 3 – Biggby – Overall 70 – Average 5
Rank 4 – Gevalia – Overall 68 – Average 4.86
Rank 5 – Folgers – Overall 65 – Average 4.64
Rank 6 – Caribou – Overall 63 – Average 4.50
Rank 7 – Starbucks – Overall 60 – Average 4.29
Rank 8 – Guatemala – Overall 53 – Average 3.79
Rank 9 – Einstein – Overall 52 – Average 3.71
Rank 10 – Maxwell – Overall 49 – Average 3.50
Rank 11 – Dunkin – Overall 40 – Average 2.86

Costco’s Kirkland ground coffee came in as the commanding champ, with Panera and Biggby following close behind. Next time your at the market you might think twice about buying that expensive, popular coffee!! Let us know your favorite coffee in the comments below and maybe there will be a second tasting in the near future.

8 Replies to “Coffee Wars – The results are in!”

  1. I love my caramel lattes. I am a mom who likes the convenience of a drive-thru but unfortunately Panera does not have them in my area. Panera has the best lattes and I attribute it to the fact that they use real caramel syrup. YUM!!

  2. That would be Biggby, with two g’s. Good coffee for non-Costco types like me.

    Folger’s used to make a terrific dark-roast decaf, the only one I ever saw in a grocery store, but took it off the market.

    1. Thanks for the correction 🙂 Too bad they took the Folgers dark-roast off the market, it was very good indeed. I know Folgers has a “Lively Columbian” coffe in decaf now. Might be worth a shot!

      1. I think I’ve tried everything on the shelf, including Folgers Colombian and even Kroger’s Colombian, looking for a decaf with lots of profound taste. It ain’t out there in chain stores short of something like Starbuck’s packaged decaf Verona Bold, I’m afraid. Merchant’s in Dearborn has a pretty good one but I haven’t been there in so long that I’ve forgotten its name.

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