Social media butterfingers

Just call me “butterfingers.”

I move fast, it’s part of my job. I wear a few different hats: Web content admin, project manager, social media person. There is never a part of my day where I am only working on just one thing… and then the phone rings. It’s a constant juggling act.

In fact, I always felt this position was perfect for my personality as I’m a bit hyperactive and usually thinking about 20 things at once anyway.

This multi-tasking thing might have to change. I screwed up. It happens. But this particular screw up was broadcast to the university’s 5,000 or so Twitter followers.

One word: ass. Yeeaaah.

How it happened

This was around 8 in the morning. I had just sat down at my desk and was going through emails and tweets. I launched TweetDeck and then continued typing an email, signed in to another program and typed some notes in another window.

Next thing I know my boss says, “Hey, Jenn, you might want to delete that tweet.”

I look over at TweetDeck and there it was staring at me, moving down the column in what seemed like slow motion: ass. Somehow my cursor unknowingly wound up in TweetDeck and picked up a portion of word but it came out as “ass.” I mean, could it have been another word at least? Geez.

Within seconds people were tweeting us asking if we got hacked or is the Twitter person had been fired. I deleted it immediately and responded with, “Sorry folks! #socialmediafail” and then shook my head the rest of the day. Who knows what people were thinking when they read that.

Lesson learned

I make it a point to not post things from TweetDeck because there is no confirmation before anything goes out. All it takes is one strike of the return key. I use an application that was developed in house and I actually have to click “save” and select a time before it goes out to the world.

This started a conversation among my coworkers about some well-known Twitter screw ups. Someone working for Chrylser mistakenly sent out a tweet from the official account, rather than his own: “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f**king drive.”

So, at least I didn’t drop an F bomb.

There was a similar incident with a Red Cross employee who tweeted “Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs of Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch beer… when we drink we do it right #gettngslizzerd.” She also thought she was tweeting from her personal account. The Red Cross responded with humor: “We’ve deleted the rogue tweet but rest assured the Red Cross is sober and we’ve confiscated the keys.”

One thing I do not do is combine my personal and work Twitter accounts in any application. I figured one day I would accidentally tweet something from my work account. I just didn’t want to take this chance.

So go figure, I was trying to be careful. Lesson learned here is simply: slow down.

6 Replies to “Social media butterfingers”

  1. Hilarious Jenn! We all have our momentous screw-ups at work 🙂 It makes us laugh. We learn then live to tell about it which makes working so much fun!

  2. We all are thinking, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” It happens, and heck, you turned it into a hilarious post. Well done!

  3. Been there, done that! Thanks for sharing.

    You have an application developed in-house for Twitter? Is it a front-end GUI of some sort? Care to share any details?

  4. Like you said, “it happens.” You took the proper steps in handling the issue and addressed your followers.
    We’ve all done it or something close. I posted something political or slightly controversial on ALL of our 8 hospitals’ pages simultaneously (thank you Hootsuite). My boss didn’t find it cute. I don’t recall why I did it but I do know that I was multitasking and should have SLOWED DOWN.
    Nevertheless, the issue was handled before anyone commented so I was out of the hot seat.

    PS – I got a good laugh out of this embarASSing post. Good luck to your future posts. Lol.

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