2010 President's Universitywide Address Wrap Up

Today’s Presidential Universitywide Address went off far better than expected. The format this year was completely different than previous years. This year Interim President Allan Gilmour solicited questions on his website from the entire campus community. The community was not required to log in and he received 208 comments in total. President Gilmour read every single one. Dr. James Hartway, distinguished professor in the Music department, was the moderator for the address. 20 questions were selected for President Gilmour to answer. This format was engaging and brought out personality and laughter in the president and crowd.

We knew not everyone could make it to campus so like previous years we streamed the address live via Ustream.tv. We also, as with all streamed events, opened the stream to live chat. We set the chat up so it didn’t require login to comment. We had a banner on wayne.edu before and during the address to drive traffic to the stream. In addition we pushed it out on Twitter and Facebook. We just wanted to give you guys a little insight into the interaction with the stream.

Here are some stats about the stream:

  • 1 Hour in length
  • 260 Average concurrent viewers
  • 275 Total unique viewers
  • 218 Click throughs from wayne.edu
  • 133 Click throughs from Twitter / 35 from Facebook
  • 345 Total chat comments
  • 202 Total comments (open for 1 week)
  • 20 Questions asked

Watch the recorded address at: http://president.wayne.edu/video/2010-universitywide-address.php