Wayne State University digital signage – First look

Digital Signage WireframeRecently, marketing was put in charge of designing and programming the templates of what will be displayed on the TV monitors all over campus. We “whiteboard wireframed” some initial ideas and then started implementing some initial basic templates for the signs.   We have met with the campus community, who will be hosting the signs and took notes on what they thought was important to display on the various digital signs on campus.

Here is the most requested things to display, from the campus community so far:  events, news, promote featured events with imagery, live TV, photo galleries, weather and date/time.  We have made some quick templates to play with spacing and size of all the elements. As we progress further with the design and structure, we will keep you updated as we roll out the new templates.

Digital Signage News/EventsDigital Signage Events only

Let us know if you have any other ideas of what you would like to see on the digital signage by commenting in the reply box.

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  1. Hi — Over the past year, I’ve been to a number of C&IT Management meetings in which this Digital Signage project was discussed. It was explained by a couple of different people that the units who were sharing the cost of having a sign in their buildings were assured they would have a section of their screen in which they could control content that would be “local” to their building or office. I checked with my boss, Tom Duszynski, and that was his understanding also.

  2. Mary Jean,
    You are correct, that is the case with the signs. Each unit that has signs in their location will have control of local content.
    We will be working with each unit to get access to the tools and get training as the signs are being deployed.

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