[Friday Links] The Monday Edition

It’s been a while since I posted a Friday Links, let alone on Friday. I must say that my feed stacks up fast, just being away for 2-3 days yields hundreds of new items. Some are great, some not so great. I went through the last few weeks and picked out the gems to share with you guys. Hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Always love the Friday links, even on a Monday!

    Not so in love with the Texas A&M mobile development presentation. I don’t think it’s well-established that the information needs of a mobile user are starkly different from those of a user at a full-size static computer. A website should deliver as much of the information that its users demand as possible in as usable manner as possible, whether mobile or otherwise.

    The key to an effective mobile site, as such, is to deliver the same information in a device-friendly way. This falls in line with the principles of accessibility. I’d be interested in a legitimate study that demonstrates otherwise.

    Additionally, while there are plenty of phones capable of visiting websites, the clear use cases based on analytics are the iOS and Android devices. The experience of surfing the web on primitive browsers is poor and users therefore don’t surf even close to as much as on iPhones and Droids. Delivering the lowest common denominator does a disservice to users with advanced browsers in their pockets.

    Likewise, the use case for a proprietary device app is pretty clear: when development needs necessitate features unavailable in a given device’s browser.

    They did get the non-redirect concept correct, though.

    I personally believe that CSS3 Media Queries and feature-detecting JavaScript conditionals are the best way to facilitate a mobile style and behavior for mobile and other devices. This approach uses the same markup as non-mobile stylesheets but styles the site for device-scale and vertical-only scrolling. There are some bandwidth and other issues, but that’s part of the tradeoffs of good design.

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