eduWeb 2010 Conference Wrap Up

Last week I attended the eduWeb 2010 Conference in Chicago and I wanted to give a brief overview of the talks I attended and some things I wanted to share. A breakdown of all the sessions can be found at the Inigral Social Media Hub.

Below are my notes from each session. They are not meant to be actionable items but instead the interesting things I made sure to note. Please take them with a grain of salt.

Building Your Education Brand Online: Google Tools for the Education Marketer

  • 51 percent of prospectives use search to find info on a school; 21 percent use the brochure they receive.
  • Google Adwords allows you to tailor the message in your sponsored ad.
  • Branded keywords are more effective at the end of the day.
  • Google Insights for Search: A Barometer for Trends. “Think of it as the world’s largest focus group.”
    • Great for geo targeting ad campaigns based on US searches.
  • Great way to get insights into your site for free.
    • Media Plan tab can give you insights into where you can place advertisements.
    • You can break down by interests and by sites visited.
    • Search for your site and the interested keyword, you should see the other sites that people visit.

Brand ArchiTECTure: Building Your Brand on the Web & Managing to Make it Thrive

  • Simple mission statements
  • Distinct and uncomfortable
  • Marketing in a digital age
  • Consistency and integration are important
  • Using the Ford Fiesta as an example
    • 100 agents had the cars for 6 months
    • Created a forum or two to respond to complaints about the delay in 2011 delivery
  • Southwest Airlines is the second example
    • Using a social media aggregator
    • Example of Kevin Smith being asked to leave the plane but then recovered after he tweeted
  • What you are doing is passing the red face test
    • Respond in a way that is accountable and consistent with your brand
  • Who is responsible for delivering this brand on the Web?
    • Marketing and PR units
    • Digital natives who know and anticipate changes
    • Owners of the brand
  • Talking about American University
    • Activism
    • Learning from leaders
  • Website
    • Use case and what paths they would follow
    • Brand consistency
    • Have a Wikipedia-like clone
    • 50 content publishers
  • Team of two
  • Integration and fast response

CSS for Mobile Devices & Using CSS to Present Content to iPhone

  • Include a reset to make a base view of your site on a mobile device
  • Detecting desktop browser might be an easier than detecting all the mobile browsers
  • Scalable viewport needs to be using very carefully

Wrangling the Octopus: Managing Your Social Media Ecosystem

  • The landscape is huge and the manpower behind it is far less than it used to be
  • Yahoo Pipes is a gold mine for combining feeds
  • Feedburner is a good way to make valid feeds from Yahoo pipes
  • can deliver feed content to where you need to it go, Twitter, FB, etc.
  • Co Tweet and Econfon are great social media tools

Markers, Markers, Everywhere: How to Incorporate QR Codes into the Marketing Mix

  • TexasTech decided to use MSTag
  • Signs in front of construction that go to construction updates
  • Video compression is critical, might help to host the file locally
  • Blackberry has issues reading tags
  • Scan Life has a pro feature that allows for more tracking

People vs. Web: People Win! Truly Standing Out on the Social Web

MashED Up: Mashups and Higher Education

  • Tons of examples

Learning 2 Speak Native: How Education is Being Transformed in 140 Characters or Less

  • Digital Natives – Not impressed by technology like previous generations
  • We make a big deal out of it but for people using it on a regular basis it’s just another in a large list
  • College Confidential
  • Weblogg-ed
  • Scvngr – Create geo hunts