Anatomy of a Higher Ed Homepage

The university homepage (not just Wayne State’s) has been in a tug of war since the advent of the web. At some point administration lost sight of their users needs. This is where we come in, web workers know to focus on the visitors’ needs. Take a look at the right side, things people are looking for, I bet there is at least one item you never thought about. (For me, it was the campus police phone number.)

I’m thinking of recording focus groups and usability tests for at least the university community. They might even make their way on to this blog.


One Reply to “Anatomy of a Higher Ed Homepage”

  1. For me, I wouldn’t have thought of the campus police phone number or the parking information (at our college, we don’t use parking passes or anything, we just have a free, public parking lot – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone automatically knows that ahead of time).

    I would be very curious to see what the results of your focus groups would be, as I would to see the results of anyone else’s focus groups. I agree that it’s time for us to sit down and really reevaluate what our users are looking for on our websites and work to put that stuff front and center. Too often I think we simply follow conventions and forget that our own users should be our main concern.

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