Launch: Student Orientation

This week we launched the new Student Orientation Web site. The old site (left) was not delivering the experience that student get when they come to orientation. The event is fun, inviting and is the real first impression of college life for a lot of students. We made sure that energy was being portrayed in the new site.


One of the goals of the new site was to be engaging, so we added more photos and external resources that go hand in hand with orientation. The student bloggers are represented as well as an an expanded footer with a great list of links student need to interact with before or shortly after the come to campus. The design was inspired by our main undergraduate admissions campaign and is part of a larger package of material.


The site over all has turned from a plain old boring page to an inviting and interactive site. The content was completely rewritten and the navigation was broken out into audiences and resources. Having just one menu was not working for students trying to scan for information. The site also allows for more than two promotions in the “sliding card” feature on the right side of the homepage. And last but not least a list of events happening on campus round out the entire experience.

Check out the new site at:

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