Deleting RSVP submissions through the University Events Calendar

We’ve had a few requests lately for the ability to remove a submissions from our Events Calendar RSVP system. Here are some of the problems our users faced with using the current system:

  • Double submissions from a single registrant
  • Test submissions from us or the client
  • If someone calls to cancel, they still count in the total number of registrants.
  • If there is a max limit to the number of registrants an event can have, they would have to manually bump number up based on false submissions.

Our Approach

We decided to take a hybrid approach to this problem. We didn’t want to actually delete any data so we could keep a record of everything. When editing a submission, there is a normal “Delete” button at the bottom of the form now. When using this, it marks them as deleted in our database. The listing page now adds a style of line-through so you can easily tell they have been removed. It also takes away from the count so the max limit does not need to be adjusted at all. When exporting a list to CSV, the deleted registrants are also not exported.

We believe this will be very helpful for our frequent users and will solve some of the problems we’ve recently faced.