[Friday Links] The Birthday Edition

So today is my 26th birthday and I decided to spread a great list of links from across the Web with yall. Like always the topics are all over the place but scan through them, I’m sure something will catch your eye.

One Reply to “[Friday Links] The Birthday Edition”

  1. hi Nick ~ Happy Birthday, lol…just wanted to leave a note here to say that I was interested in the site concerning using black for shadows. I thought he was very good ~ loved that one shot of the light on the wall, leaving the filigree shadow & that soft glow ~ awesome!
    Then I clicked on another site, went to this designer’s page…his comments were also intriguing.
    I have to smile, since this all brings back my own days as an Art student @ good ol’ WSU…and all that I learned there about design, color, etc. I have not used black in any of my shadows since I went there, either, I have to say, lol…so it was a lesson well-learned!

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