Testing Tender Support for Web site updates

If you interact with our department through the wcs[at]wayne.edu email address for requesting services or update your Web site you will notice a change in the responses over the next month.

We are testing a service called Tender Support to handle keeping track of updates and issues.


A single point of contact

It was important to us to keep the single email address we currently have. We wanted to stay far away from a “form” ticket system because people hate filling out forms and we did not want to add potential complication to update a web site.

Multiple support staff working on a single issue

In the past emails went out to everyone in the web department, it was setup this way so everyone knew what was going on. The issue was someone might start working a the task that someone else may have already started on. There was no way to tell everyone who was handling what without emailing everyone. Tender allows someone to add tasks right to their queue and/or someone else’s queue who will be assisting.

Clear and easy to use interface

The interface of Tender is great. It allows us to see at a glance how many open and new issues there are. It is easy to see who replied and even allows for private replies for us to keep notes or talk without the client being notified.

The only downside we have experienced is it would be great if the dashboard refreshed automatically in case we do not have our email open.

30 day trial period

We are just testing the system to see if it will work for our department, it is software as service so it does have a charge and we want to make sure it is actually making the web update process easier before we invest any money.


We are looking for your feedback, if you work @waynestate and use us for your web services let us know how response time is and if you like the structure of the automated emails.

If you are not part of the university feel free to comment about your experience with ticket systems and/or support software. Have a suggestion or some tips for using Tender? We would love to hear about them.

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