Linking to buildings on the campus map just got easier


If you use the online Campus Map to directly link to a building you will notice some changes today with the building and category list page. We added some additional information about every building on the map. Check out the old version (left) and the new version (right) above. Here is also run down of the features.

Full mailing addresses
Each building new has the full mailing address displayed. This information was not available at all before so we added it in.

Easy to read format
Instead of just listing the name and the full URL the names are now the links and the address is directly below it. Linking options are now to the right, there is room for multiple.

Links to campus and Google Maps
Some people don’t like our Flash based map and prefer Google so we included direct links to the locations on Google for those folks. We are in the process of moving away from Flash but don’t have a date when the new map will launch just yet.

Each building is equipped with hCard microformat to increase the amount of structured data available for anyone who wants it.

Individual building pages
In addition to the listing page redesign each building or location now has its own page with unique URL to link directly to. It includes a photo and additional information about that building if available.

Upcoming events for each building
On the individual building page the next five events in the Events Calendar taking place at that building will be listed. A screen shot of that is below, click it to see the actual live page.


Thank you everyone who has given us feedback on the campus map. It has all been incorporated in to this recent update and there is still more in the works. We will continue to adjust and tweak it as users needs change.

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  1. Nice job on the redesign. Y’all always seem to be about 6 months ahead of us on rolling things out…and I wanted to be the first to publish the map-calendar feature. 🙂

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