Task of indexing all Wayne State Web sites

There are a lot of web sites at the university, we are not sure the total number but we know its growing every day. In order to keep the order we have a two fold site index linked from wayne.edu. You can find it on the top right of the page called “A-Z Site Index”.


The Site Index is community maintained so if there is a site that needs to be added anyone can suggest the site. We get an alert and its usually added within 24 hours. They are organized alphabetically and a quick jump to letter menu is located at the top. We also relate “wayne speak” with a regular users terminology. So we have a “University Bulletin” which explains all our programs and courses but at other universities its called “Course Catalog”. We use the same record and have the site under both names so no matter the user they can get to the correct content.

Second Purpose


The number one thing used on wayne.edu is the search. Often users are looking for individual sites and what better resource to get them there than the site index. As users are typing we search through the site index and present them with the sites that match their search. From there they can select one of them with their mouse or keyboard and go directly to the site without having to go through the interim search results page.

Do you maintain a Wayne State site that is not on the list? Suggest it and we will add it.