Create a quick html form connected to a database

Having a small staff and enormous amounts of work everything we can do to speed up tasks we take advantage of. We are asked all the time to create html forms for sites, its the only way to get users information, from RSVP’s to request information. Recreating forms is time consuming especially since most feed into a database plus usually email someone also.

I created a screencast to show how we in the Web Communications department of Wayne State University create forms quickly, consistently and accessible using an open source framework I created and that we maintain. The framework is PHPSimpl and is hosted on Google Code, it is not meant to be a full blown MVC framework but more or less a helper for common tasks.

[flashvideo filename=”wp-content/uploads/2008/10/screencast-form.flv” height=”406″ width=”650″ image=”wp-content/uploads/2008/10/screencast-form.jpg” /]

This is the first screencast I have ever created so bear with me as I adjust to talking to a computer instead of a room full of people. Also ignore any technical issues which I am still trying to work through. I created it with just a Mac Book Pro, Snapz Pro and the internal mic, so the sound might not be the best.

The video is best viewed at full screen to see the detail in the text. I am playing with the flash video encoder options to find the optimal compression for quality and size. If anyone has any suggestions on the settings or screencast recorder feel free to comment.

In case you are wondering the form is being created on an Apache server running PHP5 and MySQL.

Hope you enjoy it and it helps you out.

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  1. Congrats with your first screencast. Pretty good for your first one. The quality seemed good to me, though is much easier to follow as you stated on full screen.

    Good tutorial and was simple to follow which ia always appreciated.

  2. Thank you Nick! Why did it take me so long find this site! And a great vid , very useful. Definitly will be refering to this more than a few times . Keep up the good work!

  3. @Vector Glad you liked the video. We don’t really publish too much about this site externally but we have been getting quite a bit of play for our initiatives and actually publishing the inner working of a university web department. Feel free to subscribe to the RSS and tell your friends! We love to hear feedback!

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