Wayne State goes Twittering

Twitter LogoBranching out past the confines of our university homepage means working with public API’s and services. We started yesterday with Twitter, the first of many social and external sites we will be pushing information.

We choose twitter mainly because of its simplicity. The idea of having a full blown facebook application with no street credit seemed unnerving to us. Sticking to short titles and links gives us the ability to talk about anything Wayne State and not be locked into a certain user action or have to maintain a code base that maybe 10 people interact with.

Items will be posting as they come up, we are not setting a schedule or pattern. We don’t have any followers at the moment but we have not posted its existence other than here. We hope it will become a tool for people interested in the university can use to keep up with while keeping up with their friends. We will also be posting deadlines and important date as they approach and occur.

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