Code Update: PHPSimpl 0.8.4

The newest version of PHPSimpl has been released and we have updated the code on the production web server. The release bring some much needed features to the framework and a few bug fixes.

We know this is not a widely used framework because we take an active role in its development and feature set. (We also track its download rate :-X) But we use it for a few specific reasons, knowing we are probably not the only ones in this situation we outlined them below.

  1. We work in a shared server environment where we don’t have root access to the server.
  2. We do not have direct control when the server software gets updated.
  3. We are called upon to produce sites or applications in a rapid manor.
  4. We control so many sites that having to install the framework for each would be a inefficient.
  5. We use the same functions and methods throughout many sites.
  6. We have more than one developer building and maintaining sites, consistency determines our efficiency.

The update notification can be found at the unofficial PHPSimpl site and we have included some useful URL’s below. We are always here to help so any question about the framework and its implementation just fire away.