Upcoming Feature: Auto Suggest

Autosuggest screenshotWe are testing a new feature on the WSU homepage. It is designed to allow for quick access to the most common WSU sites right from the search field.

It works by using the characters typed into the search box on the homepage and comparing them with the site index. It finds the top 5 matches and displays them directly on the screen where you can scroll through the list with the keyboard arrows or click on a link with the mouse. It gives direct access to these pages without having to sift through the search results page.

Testing this new feature is pretty easy, it is not enabled by default yet but will be soon. You can enable it for your computer by following the URL below:


It will stay active until you turn it off by following this URL:


We will be testing this feature for two weeks before we roll it out to everyone. We would love to hear your thoughts and any difficulties you may have with the feature. You can send any questions or comments to wcs@wayne.edu. We listen to all concerns and comments and are always looking to improve the user experience here at Wayne State University.