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Nov 6 / Sonali Patel

Warrior Weekend – Happy November!

thHappy November/Movember/NoshaveNovember! I won’t bore you with talking about the AMAZING weather, like you do with neighbors in the elevator or the teller at the bank,* but I will encourage you to enjoy this relaxing November weekend with some of following activities!

ddc23e7b7b82c0ebcc3d246eb00bede8First Grabs Friday

Friday, Nov 6 5-9pm – Detroit Artists Market, 4719 Woodward

Get a jump start on your holiday shopping and stop by the Detroit Artists Market for some neat gifts created by local artists! Ditch the black Friday generics and peruse heartfelt, one of a kind pieces!



belle-isle-aquarium-koi-transfer-4-4-26-2014Belle Isle Koi Wrangle

Saturday, Nov 7 – 10am, Belle Isle

Enjoy Saturday morning exploring Belle Isle! Once the weather gets chilly, visitors are welcome to help transfer the huge (and I mean huge!)  Koi fish in the aquarium pond to their indoors tank. Afterwards feel free to check out the aquarium and the conservancy next door!

762b0fa1_10389198_744443592277243_4754967952184117229_nDetroit Comedy Underground

Sunday, Nov 8 – 8pm, Park Bar $5

Every Sunday evening the Park Bar (connected to Bucharest) hosts a comedy show full of local stand ups! This is a great way to end your weekend/start your week on a lighter note.


This weekend is a chill one, so don’t forget to check out our “Reoccurring Events” page to find other great activities in the area!

Oct 29 / Tevin Monroe

Warrior Weekend — Happy HalloWAYNE!

It’s that time of year! Temperatures are dropping, everything is pumpkin spice flavored, and we can once again experience the immense satisfaction of stepping on extra crunchy leaves. There’s a lot to do with Halloween, fall, or just awesome Detroit things. Get that costume at the ready and start planning out your weekend!

All Things Detroit

November 1st, noon-6pm, Eastern Market; This is something we’ve been waiting for for a while! Imagine all of your favorite small businesses and artists, the ones whose products you see at shops around Midtown, being in one place at one time — so you can meet all the artists and match a brand with the person behind it. Your favorite candlemaker, woodworker, t-shirt printer, and jewelry maker will all be within close proximity of each other. Sound great? Then we’ll see you this Sunday! There’s a $5 entrance fee, but it’s definitely worth it.


Angels Night

October 29-31, all around Detroit; Historically, Halloween comes as a destructive time for the city of Detroit — you may have heard of Devil’s Night, a night in which arson and vandalism run amok, usually the night before Halloween. The city of Detroit sets up a volunteer group to patrol the streets of Detroit. If you like volunteering and want to protect Detroit’s public spaces, public art, and abandoned properties, this would be something great to participate in!


Trick or Treat with the Warriors!

October 31st, 12pm, Tom Adams Field; Football season isn’t over! This Saturday, we’re playing Findlay, and we play to WIN! There will be a Bobbing for Apples contest — prizes include some really sweet Apple products (the technology brand, not the fruit). If you come in costume, you’ll get tons of free candy. But no matter what you’re wearing, you’ll have a great time!

Oct 23 / Sonali Patel

Warrior Weekend – October 23

TGIF! Check out these neat events and enjoy the mildly warm weather before it’s too late! It’s also never too early to get in the spooky mood and start celebrating Halloween!




Fall Beer Festival

Friday, Oct 23 5-9pm, Eastern Market – $45

For those of you 21+, the annual Fall Beer Fest is back! Enjoy the brisk fall air with some local tunes while perusing over “675 craft beers from over 80 Michigan breweries.” I highly recommend getting there on time to get a head start on samplings before lines create! (Saturday tickets are sold out, but act fast for Friday evening’s!)




Ohio Roller Girls against Detroit Derby Girls


Detroit Derby Girls

Saturday, Oct 24 5pm, Masonic Temple – $18

The Derby Girls home opener for their 11th season is here! There will be two games, the first starting at 6 but doors open at 5pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door.




Rocky Horror Picture Show

Saturday, Oct 24 7:30pm, Campus Martius – Free!

Campus Martius will be hosting a Halloween favorite! Bring a blanket and some snacks and come out for one of the last warm nights of the year and enjoy this classic.



Other Halloween fun…

–> Take one of the Notorious 313 haunted Walking and/or Bus Tours. Both will give you an insight on the city’s spooky side by visiting some of the haunted buildings in town and guiding tourists thru candle light.

–> Play “Clue” in real life with friends! Trapped in a Room with a Zombie gives guests the opportunity to be a real Sherlock Holmes by solving the puzzle to find the key to escape the room before the Zombie gets you!


Oct 15 / Tevin Monroe

Warrior Weekend — WSU Football Weekend!

Hello there!

So this weekend, the featured event is definitely our home football game! If you haven’t been to a game before, this weekend’s game is definitely going to be worth going to. The first 1500 students that show up to the game get a free pair of WSU wide receiver gloves that make the “W” when you put both hands up together — a wonderful display of school pride and support for our school’s athletics!


October 17th, 12pm, on campus; Get out the face paint, the green and gold, and the school spirit. This game is going to be awesome!





Halloscreens: Edward Scissorhands

October 17th, 7:30pm, Campus Martius; It’s almost everybody’s favorite Halloween movie, brought to the big (outdoor) screen! At Campus Martius park, Edward Scissorhands will be playing this Saturday. Be sure to bundle up — it’ll be chilly! There will be an opportunity to purchase warm drinks and popcorn! Other than concessions, this event is free and open to the public.

30 Americans Exhibit Opening

October 18th-January 18th, Detroit Institute of Arts; This weekend is the grand opening of the 30 Americans exhibit! Following the spotlight on Frida Kahlo, this next exhibit at the DIA features the work of 30 African-American artists and their portrayal of identity through race, gender, politics, society, and inequality. And to supplement this exhibit, Wayne State Insiders is forming their next Knowledge on Tap around the idea of the identity of Black Americans and how their experiences are expressed through art.


Red Bull House of Art Cycle 11 Opening

October 16th, 7-11pm, Eastern Market; Have you been to the Red Bull House of Art yet? I found myself there on accident once, and was thoroughly confused and amazed. There’s no way to describe the feel of that place without actually making you go there! So why not try it out? This weekend, all new art will be featured, all of which are the works of Detroit artists. This event is free, and totally worth the adventure!

Oct 1 / Tevin Monroe

Warrior Weekend — Happy October!

It may be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of things happening this weekend. Happy October, everyone! Let’s enjoy the sunshine while we’ve still got it, and soak up the abundance of art and music that’s going on in the city this weekend!

“Black Angels” Chamber Concert

October 4th, 3-5pm, Old Main; As a part of the 10th annual American Romanian Festival, there will be a Chamber Music Concert held this weekend in our very own Old Main Schaver Hall! It will begin with an electric string quartet, and then end with piano and violin pieces. And it’s totally free! Check out the link above.

Metropolis Silent Film Special

October 2nd and 3rd, 8pm, Redford Theatre; This weekend at the historic Redford Theatre, the film Metropolis will be playing. Metropolis is a film about an advanced utopian society and one man’s mission to uncover its secrets. More info about the film and ticket pricing details can be found above.

“Singular Impressions” Open House Mixer

October 2nd, 5:30-8p, Heidelberg Project; What could be more uniquely Detroit than the Heidelberg Project? And what could be more unique than an art exhibit at the Heidelberg Project? This weekend, artist Bruno Vanzieleghem will be debuting his photography exhibit, titled “Singular Impressions.” Our friends from Drifter Coffee will be present!


GERME Performing Art Show

October 3rd, 3p, DIA; Who doesn’t love a dance show? The Wayne State Dance Workshop is hosting professional dancer Stephanie Batten Bland, who will be performing the GERME show. Entrance is free with the purchase of a ticket to the DIA (which is free if you live in the tri-county area!)

Sep 25 / Sonali Patel

Warrior Weekend – Eastern Market Edition!

Happy Weekend!

Enjoy the 70 degree sunshine while attending an array of artsy outdoor events going on around town!

Eastern Market!

(…is the place to be this weekend.)



Murals in the Market: 

All weekend long you can catch dozens of artists spread throughout Eastern Market. Over 40 new murals will be finished within the coming week, creating an even lively vibe for the Market! Artists are both local and internationally known. You can find a map here.
*Head over to Interstate Gallery to see smaller pieces from the artists along with program information.



Red Bull Creation:

While in Eastern Market, head over to the Red Bull House of Art to see the 72 hour creative competition. Teams will face off by creating something out of nothing, with a “secret topic” in mind. Final creations will be shown Saturday 5-8pm. Red Bull House of Art Cycle 11 artists will also be around to show off new works!




Detroit Design Festival:

To end the week of design networking and creating, Saturday artists from DDF will have numerous installations spread throughout the Dequindre Cut! There will be other DDF events this weekend, such as the Wasserman Projects exhibition in Eastern Market. See the full DDF schedule here.




Nick Cave’s Heard Detroit:

After exploring Eastern Market and heading down the Dequindre Cut you’ll end up on the river walk, where Nick Cave will present another one of his performances! Dancers will be dressed as 30 bright, exciting life-size horses marching along the riverwalk. The performance will start at Milliken State Park, (1801 Atwater St., Detroit; across from the Outdoor Adventure Center).




Don’t forget this is your last chance to take advantage of Restaurant Week! 30+ restaurants are participating in $25 and/or $35 three course meals. See the list and special menus here!









Sep 18 / Tevin Monroe

Warrior Weekend — Park(ing) Day!

Hey everyone!

How are classes going? Good? Great? Well, no matter how your week has been, this weekend can definitely be a time to relax, unwind, and explore the city of Detroit! Here are a few events, some of which are actually on campus.

Park(ing) Day!

September 18th, 9a-5p, Anthony Wayne Drive; I know the title may suggest that parking is free, but that is not the case here (unfortunately). Park(ing) Day is a national event where people make use of public spaces — notably, public parking spaces — and turn them into tiny, temporary parks. Our very own Office of Economic Development has this down to a science! Visit them this Friday on parking spaces along Anthony Wayne Drive.



Public Planetarium Show

September 18th, 7-8p, Old Main; Did you know that we had a planetarium on campus? Well now that you know, there’s no excuse not to go see a show! It’s completely free. You’ll hear a short lecture, and then experience the night sky in our very own Wayne State Planetarium. And in a city where you can’t always see the stars at night, going to see a planetarium show is all the more special!

Murals In The Market

September 17th-25th, Eastern Market; As if Eastern Market couldn’t get any cooler! This next week, there will be live painting, tailgating, live music, tours, and artist lectures — all focused around the idea of murals at Eastern Market. This Friday, there’s a dance party, and Saturday, there’s a guided walking tour. Check out the website for more details — there’s something for everyone!


Detroit City FC Showcase

September 19th, 5:30pm, Midtown; You’ve seen Detroit baseball. You’ve seen football. You’ve seen hockey. You’ve seen basketball. But how about… Detroit soccer? Or, more accurately, futbol? The Detroit City Futbol Club (DCFC) has a showcase game this Saturday night against the Ann Arbor FC. It’s located at Cass Tech, just about a fifteen minute bike ride from campus.

Discover Detroit: Bucharest

September 18th, 8-11p, Midtown; Now that school’s back in session, the Dean of Student’s Office is back to putting on weekly events! On Friday, you can take a free shuttle to Bucharest Grill, one of Detroit’s top food spots. While you’re in the area, you could even veer off to get some tacos from Hot Taco, or listen to the Tigers pull a huge victory over the Royals (or so we hope).


That’s all for this week. Make sure you’re subscribed to our weekly updates — we’ll have plenty more things to do in weeks to come!

Enjoy your weekend!

Sep 11 / Sonali Patel

Warrior Weekend – Dally in the Alley!

It’s that time of the year again!

DallyAlleyDally in the Alley is here! Midtown’s favorite street fest is back and bigger than ever. Regardless of what your weekend plans are, make sure Dally is at the top of your list! From 11am-11pm on Saturday, the alleys will be filled with local artists, foods, and beats – fun for all ages. Post 11pm, there will plenty of other activities for those 21+, such as music and food at Cass Cafe and the Old Miami!


Flea Market

Eastern Market, 9-5pm

The last flea market at Eastern Market is this weekend, so don’t miss it! Check out the live music, food trucks/vendors, and most importantly the tons of local artisans!


WSU Football Opener!

Saturday, 1pm

Fall means football! Come by the Wayne State football field Saturday morning to support the Warriors for the first game of the season! The first 500 students will get a free shirt and thundersticks!


Indian Village Yard Sale

Saturday & Sunday, 9-5pm

Stroll through the beautiful Indian Village this weekend to find over 75 residents selling many unique items! The sale will be located between the “boundaries of the streets of Seminole, Iroquois & Burns north and south and East Jefferson to Mack Avenue.”

Sep 4 / Tevin Monroe

Warrior Weekend — Welcome Back!

Hi everyone!

This is my personal favorite time of the year — everyone’s back on campus! If you’re taking Fall classes, welcome back. I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer, and hopefully you’re able to find a good parking spot in the next few days! There’s a lot going on in the next few weekends, so make sure you’re subscribed to weekly emails from us. We’ll be giving you all the info on what’s going down in Midtown, and beyond.


Historic Churches of Detroit Biking Tour

September 5th, 1-4p, Downtown; Detroit is known for its plethora of amazing historical churches. It’s also known for its plethora of bikers. Have you ever wanted to mix the two? Well, now you can! Wheelhouse Detroit will be going on a 12 mile bike ride around the city to highlight many of the churches around the city. It’s only $25 — definitely worth it for the adventure!



Uptown Toast Pop-Up Wine Party

September 5th, 12-8p, Downtown; Detroit is also known for its wine connoisseurs…maybe? Well, if it isn’t already, it soon could be, and you could be a part of that! This weekend, there’s a “block party” with music, food, and (of course) wine tasting. It’s only $5! 21+ only.

Arts, Beats, and Eats

September 4th-7th, Royal Oak; Normally, I wouldn’t post about events outside of the city of Detroit. But this year, Wayne State is offering shuttles to the festival! Arts, Beats, and Eats is a weekend-long event in Royal Oak where artists from across the Midwest come to sell their art, restaurants sell their food, and there’s always great music playing. You can even catch Young the Giant on Sunday night! Bring money for a small entrance fee, and you’ll probably become enchanted by the smells of the many food tents, so bring money for that, too.

Detroit Jazz Festival

September 4th-7th, Downtown; The summer’s not yet done. This Labor Day weekend, you can enjoy not one, but two festivals. The second, a much more local option, is the Detroit Jazz Festival: a really fun, FREE event. Need I say more? There are also shuttles to this event, but it’s definitely within biking distance if you have a bike!

So, there’s definitely a lot going on this weekend. Before you get too deep into classes and homework and tests and studying all night long, enjoy the last leg of summer. And you will most definitely see me on that shuttle to Arts, Beats, and Eats this weekend. Free transportation? Can’t pass that up.

Until next time,


Aug 28 / Sonali Patel

Warrior Weekend – Local Arts & Music

Happy Friday!

This weekend is full of events that celebrate the infinite amount of local arts and music that we have access to in the city!


Detroit City Art Walk

August 28th & 29th, Corktown

Corktown’s finest restaurants and retail stores will be filled with installments from over 30 artists. Attendees are encouraged to walk down Michigan Ave (Corktown’s main strip), and pop in and out of the establishments hosting these art installments. The arts range in various forms; “glass and metal sculpturing, fashion, drawing, painting, watercolors, wood, poster art, mixed media, pottery and video installations.”

Belle Isle Saturdays Summer11119678_10153179782088743_6910740150953066397_o

August 29, Belle Isle

Belle Isle will be buzzing with people taking advantage of the many free activities going on all day Saturday! From live music to island hikes to bike tours, there will be a little something for everyone. This is a great day to explore the island, even if you have or have not done so already!


Detroit SummerFest

August 29, Grand Circus Park & Capitol Park

 As a series of festivals at the various downtown parks, this Saturday Grand Circus Park will be booked from noon to dark with live musical performances, food trucks, and interactive arts for adults and kids! Music will be provided by the Denby marching band, Mosiac Youth Theatre, and many more locals!

In addition to Grand Circus, Capitol Park will also be hosting the SummerFest Finale with a dance party! The two DJs will provide the tunes, while local restaurants will be serving up delicious snacks and drinks! Tickets can be purchased ahead of time or at the door.


Summer Dance Party

August 29 8-11pm, New Center Park

Get your groove on at this Saturday night dance party! As a finale for the New Center Park summer events, DJ Cambeaux will be spinning an interesting mix of House music for the masses.. for free!


Eastern Market Build Bazaar

August 30 10-4pm, Eastern Market

Eastern Market hosts another fun filled Sunday with fun for everyone! Enjoy perusing over 40 vendors that sell and create thousands of handmade goods. Enjoy a snack, a unique craft, and a refreshing Sunday afternoon at Eastern Market!




Detroit Artist Bazaar

August 30 12-6pm, Tangent Gallery

After the Eastern Market Build Bazaar, head over to the Tangent Gallery for another Bazaar! 30+ artists will be premiering their pieces for sale. Artists keep 100% of their sales!